Sunday, February 24, 2008

addiction and cravings

this is true, that biggest enemy of every inspiring fruitarian are cravings for toxic dead 'food'

i believe it is work for our spirit, to deal with it.

meditation, yoga, or any favorite exercises maybe very helpful...

also psychology, to understand nature of addictions.

i find very good psychology book from anthony robbins: awake the giant within..

anthony is talking about neuroassociations. as in all we do, we do it to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

all we need to do is associate toxic food with pain. and raw fresh fruit with works!

let your spirit rejoice. by keeping your precious bloodstream pure. show the toxins that you are much stronger that them...

i wish you all success in saying NO, to toxins.

ambulance in the valley. by joseph malins /last from the seven verses/ enjoy!

better guide well the young, than reclaim them when old,
for the voice of true wisdom is calling,
"to rescue the fallen is good, but 'tis best
to prevent other people from falling."
better closeup the source of temptation and crime
than deliver from dungeon or galley;
better put a strong fence 'round the top of the cliff
than an ambulance down in the valley.

it is important to understand nature of toxic substances. there is only one way to be free from vicious circle of addiction: do not give in when cravings arrive. if you do remember you do not feed yourself but your addiction, so you actually feed your enemy, feeding addiction make only stronger bond to it. just like alcoholic have to stop drinking alcohol for once and all to be free from it's addiction same rule apply to cooked or raw toxic food unnatural for humans.

it is not easy but it is possible. best is to put energy in to finding ways that work for you to stay firm in the times of cravings.

and never blame yourself, you are not the problem; toxic food is.

so once again i wish you all success in saying no to toxins.

life is beautiful

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tinah said...

All you wrote is much appreciated, Kveta! <3

I am currently fasting on water to develop a strength to resist what I do not want or need, and also to flush a lot of toxic junk out of my poor body!


With love

Anonymous said...

thank you... :)

kveta said...

thankyou tinah and fylype for posting. :) :)

love kveta