Wednesday, October 1, 2008

first day on raw fresh fruit juices only

for me and mango. this time it worked out on the first day of the new month. i think mango had 3 orange juices, me 2, and we both had orange apple juice. i had my first drink after 2pm, shortly after arriving back from the beach. it was a nice hot day, the ocean was very calm and freezing, so i had only one short swim, mango had 3. i was too cold to go in again, but i truly enjoyed the buzz after my first swim in our swimming season. mango had his first swim a few days ago...

i have been going to sleep early these past 3 days,  yesterday already at 7pm. that is why i haven't been posting...

i spoke with my mum on the phone, she had an amazing holiday in spain with her special friend, i am happy for her.

me and mango we are having lovely busy sunny and fruity days.

love, love, love,
and fruit

DSC00235.jpg mango sydney summer picture by Fruitarian
mango and beach

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