Sunday, October 26, 2008

community center garden for children

so they can learn about the life of plants from experience is a great idea of j who runs the center, and me and mango, we are a part of this project...

and it began like this: it is a while ago now, a month or two, i was visiting my mum overseas and mango told me on the phone that our spaceship crashed, so he visited our nearby community center to send me an email etc, and that is how he met j, and one thing lead to another, and i and mango joined as volunteer workers to create a little garden for little children. yes, very sweet...

and yes, today, me and mango, we planted a cute baby lemon tree, a cute baby mandarin tree and a cute baby passion fruit vine. the choice of fruit was made by j. i would have gotten persimmon, mandarin, orange, passion fruit, paw paw, blueberry... oh, yes, if i was the decision maker i would make a fruit and aloe vera garden... back to reality, me and mango, we are happy that fruit was included in the plan for the fruit, veg, and herb garden.

i so enjoyed planting the trees, and also visiting the nursery, admiring so many beautiful plants and i was in bliss when we were in the baby fruit tree section, oh, i am so looking forward to growing the trees i want to in some tropical haven... along with sweet mango for sure...

ready to eat durian, czech republic 2006

and we continue mixing mangoes and oranges in to delightful raw fresh fruit drinks daily, two or three times a day and we just cannot get sick of it. the same with durians. hass avo, tomato, cucumber - all very yummy.

mango also wrote an article on healthy eating that was published in the community center newsletter with a very cute picture of him, and there may be a few people interested in mango giving a speech and i am sure i would join him as from my own experience i noticed that people take my fruitarian lifestyle more seriously since there has been another fruitarian, mango, with me. two people who fully agree on the fruitarian lifestyle are naturally twice as convincing

me and mango we are not afraid or in any way uncomfortable to confess that we are fruitarians, we are not hiding it and it is interesting and at times amusing to see how others react. in most cases they just don't believe it. some like to debate it a bit and some some more...but it is so rare that i am sure they are wondering, it is so rare that i am sure they are pondering at times...and almost sure that the idea of letting go of all they are eating is almost beyond their imagination, a way too big sacrifice, or just impossible.

like with this man who held a market stall near us and he at times came over to our stall and chatted with us, and when he heard we are fruitarians, he said he knew about it but he could not do it, and he said that only very strong people can. i told him i believe that the strength comes with strong reason.

the spirit of love

was my reason for choosing a fruitarian lifestyle.
i am proud to be an ethical fruitarian.

exciting durian on the lake. kynzvart mansion. czech republic 2006


Anonymous said...

That's great. Seems like everything really does happend for a reason :)

kveta said...

yes, tornerose, i think everything does happen for a reason, at times, it takes a while before we see the whole picture.

enjoy life,