Thursday, October 9, 2008

sixth seventh and eighth day on RAW FRESH ORANGE JUICE

were magic and each different.

on the sixth day mango drank 5 times and me 4 times yummy orange super power

on the seventh day we both drank 4 raw fresh orange juices sweet and full of sunshine

on the eighth day the same as on the seventh day

we drank all the raw fresh orange juices straight away after we hand squeeze them, and then pour the juice trough the sieve because we both love only clear orange juice, free from tiny orange bits. we usually take our juice out in the sunshine, relaxing afterward on blanket on the lawn next to our happy garden.

last night i rang my mum, she was happy to hear from me and even though she was busy, we ended up talking for 20 minutes.

last night i was craving strawberries

life is sweet

love and  strawberries and oranges

love, love, love...
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Anonymous said...

How large are those drinks?? Sounds very enjoyable.

kveta said...

the drinks are 1/2 litre, or a bit more or less. :)