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benefits of the fruitarian diet

i find this article interesting and i thought it would be nice to share it with you

benefits of the fruitarian diet

Fruitarians are one step up from a Raw Food diet. They focus on eating only raw fruits and seeds. [i focus on raw fresh fruit only] Fruitarians, along with Raw Foodists believe that eating cooked food is harmful and that cooked food actually causes disease to develop due to toxic build up in our bodies.

For Fruitarians, cooked food is an addiction that needs to be broken in order to truly experience the euphoria of perfect health and freedom. There is a lot of weight in their addiction argument, looking at how many people have issues with overeating and emotional eating. It is evident that people do have emotional ties with food that go beyond eating for survival. Eating a fruitarian diet is meant to allow one to face life's events and issues without turning to comfort foods to fill the emotional void.

Although the road to becoming a Fruitarian can be difficult, there are some serious benefits in following the path. Benefits you can expect to receive among others:

- A perfectly calm and clear mind that will allow ideas and creativity to abound. The detoxification process allows for perfect harmony between all of your bodily systems allowing for the highest degree of cooperation and balance within yourself.

- Healing from all wounds and diseases that may be in your body. You will even experience healing of developing problems that you had not even discovered yet.

- Freedom from constipation, insomnia, depression, stress, and fatigue.

- A huge increase in the strength of your immune system allowing your body to be much more resistant to allergies, bacteria and viruses.

- A return of your libido and a boost to your fertility.

- In appearance you will notice clear skin, bright eyes, strong nails and soft shiny hair. You will also notice a huge decrease or even elimination in body odor. Your self-esteem will dramatically improve as you feel a love for yourself and your body that is very difficult to describe.

- Your body will be rid of all excess weight and your cellulite will disappear. Your body will take the form that it was meant to be, which may be considerably different than how it is now.

The empowering feeling you develop in choosing to eat a fruitarian diet will help you to make better choices for yourself in all of your decisions. You will develop a much greater sense of self-control.

- You will see a dramatic improvement in your ability to work long hours without feeling run down.

- The ability of your body to recover from injury will be rapidly increased compared to someone who eats a cooked food diet.

Imagine walking into your home and you seeing it full of garbage. Imagine trying to be healthy and efficient in such a mess. That is how our bodies feel when overloaded with toxins from the processed foods we have been consuming. How much better would you feel to be in a home that is spotless, organized and bright with no clutter at all. That is how you can feel about the inside of your body. Eating a fruitarian diet will make you feel like a kid again and you will find yourself being able to keep up with little kids when playing. What is also pretty amazing is that you also start to get that child-like imagination and wonder back into your thoughts which makes life a lot more exciting to live each day.

Transitioning to a Fruitarian diet from a Standard American Diet (SAD) can be difficult. Detoxifying physically is hard enough in itself, but you have to realize that you will also need to detoxify emotionally. When you are forced to leave your comfort foods behind you may find yourself scared and almost "naked" because you have nothing left to hide behind. Take all this into consideration when deciding to take the plunge, research and fully understand what is going to happen to your mind and body during the transition.

P5240145.jpg thailand 06 fruiity picture by Fruitarian

sweet fruit me and mango shared in thailand (may2006)
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Anonymous said...

when going from SAD to fruitarian, wich do you two think is the best course of action?
Transitioning slowly (for instance replacing one and one food item with fruit, or going vegetarian - vegan - rawvegan - fruitarian, etc?)
Or jumping straight into fruit all the time?

Anonymous said...

I did it by going vegan first then Fruitarian. A strict transition I think is not advised. I love your article Kveta and I totally agree with it but however I have a question:

Our prehistoric ancestors at first were living in the trees(before we could walk) eating mostly a fruit diet, I am sure their body were very slim to be able to sustain a life in the trees. Now, when the ice age came we had to survive & adapt we became omnivore. Now that we are in the ground, Being fruitarian does not pose issues? In regard of defending your family against an aggression or other similar events? As fruitarians we are extremely slim and we are no match against the current homo sapien(modern) weight wise. My question is weight a big issue in our current environment as we are not in the trees anymore? Thanks


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Kveta, yes this is a pretty nice article!! (hugs!)..

Hi Tornerose,
I am sure kveta will think of some wise thoughts to share with you too, but I'd just like to say that if you are strong and willing enough, jumping in to fruit fully cannot be beaten, and will clearly give the quickest results.. However, I do fully acknowledge the diabolical addictiveness of other foods, and very very few are realistically capable of overcoming this in one foul swoop..

the quicker you can get to the stage where your body "reacts" promptly to errs in ones diet, the quicker it will help us take that final step..

There are 2 sayings that spring to my mind, both have opposing meanings, and you should make of them what you will..

The first is, even a journey of a 1000 miles starts with one small step, and the 2nd is great chasms cannot be leaped by 2 small jumps..

Yes, I do realise I've probably just confused the issue..

what makes you so sure that we ever lived in the trees?? Maybe amongst them, yes, but I have serious doubts that we evolved the way science would have us indoctrinated that we did..

As for the weight match thing, well, if a big beefy fried meat eater sat on us, we might not be capable of struggling free, but our slim and streamlined forms should help us from every getting caught and sat upon..

really i find your question to be altogether of a hypothetical nature supposing a daily existence that is very distant to the reality of today.. and if it should ever become truly relevant, then no doubt we as fruitarians would be far more capable of survival.. Have you ever seen fellow fruitarian Richard Blackman in action??


Anonymous said...

Well Mango,

The prehistoric human bones found suggest that we were mostly living in the trees & if we were on the ground as well then we probably were walking like monkeys( I am talking about our very first ancestors). Before the middle ages wars were very common and the stronger(physically) were the winners. That might had some influences on the leaders of that time to feed their soldiers with heavy food in order to get them heavy & strong to win or defend their kingdoms & villages. We are looking food has only a fuel but I think it had a lot more meaning socially talking during these early times.


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred,
firstly, I'd just like to say, that any bones that may have been found, that have the appearance of belonging to a tree dweller, were clearly not bones of a human..

That some believe the bones to be to an evolutionary predecessor of humans is a belief only. It is just an assumption, and there is no evidence to support that they were truly bones of a human ancestor..

2ndly, those that get the upper hand, do so predominantly through their intelligence, not their potentially heavier more muscular body frame.. Excepting of course for bullies that sooner or later end up being put in their place.

Gorillas have stood little chance against humans, despite their clearly superior physical strengths..


Anonymous said...

Unless we were dumped or earth by superior Alien as Homo Sapien(modern)we had to go through some type of evolution and as far I am concerned the bones found are the only proof of that evolution. For the Gorilla story , in the past they probably kicked our asses and that for million years. Without our creative destructive ability (guns , weapons) we will still have our kicked by gorillas. LOL


kveta said...

dear all,

i agree with everything that mango said. i would just like to add:

that the best way to change from sad to fruit is jumping straight into raw fresh fruit all the time. that is the only successful way to free yourself from cooked/processed food addictions. it is exactly the same story with any toxic addictive substances (alcohol,heroin,painkillers, tranquillizers,to name just a few) a slow transition is just an excuse for those who are not able to give up their addictions.

the change should start in the mind, not in the stomach.

there should be no need for soldiers in any society.

aggression comes from toxic cooked/processed foods, especially meat, grains, fat etc...and so on (tranquillizers)and social conditioning.

love all,

Anonymous said...

Fred: Yeah I've also heard that jumping straight into it is a bad idea, because it may be a shock to the system.

Mango: lol yeah you confused me there.
But I appreciate your input. I was going to ask in your journal too, but Kveta's post seemed to fit the issue better.

Kveta: Wouldn't jumping straight in cause HEAVY cravings, making the failure rate bigger?

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred,
Sometimes I really get the impression that you come here to challenge.. Which is of course ok, as challenges often serve positive purposes, containing valuable lessons..

Well, as concerning the evolution thing, I would just like to point out that evidence and proof are 2 very different concepts. There is no proof one way or the other regarding evolution. So I guess we will have to chose to not share beliefs on that one. - Besides, whether or not we may have evolved from one celled organisms that somehow sparked into existence from inorganic dirt, is really irrelevant. The only fact we know for sure, is that we are here now, as humans..

Also, I'd like to point some things that you wrote:

As fruitarians we are extremely slim and we are no match against the current homo sapien(modern)..


For the Gorilla story , in the past they probably kicked our asses and that for million years. Without our creative destructive ability (guns , weapons) we will still have our kicked by gorillas..

there you go, you just answered your own question.. the bulk and physical strength of a being is clearly no match for the intellect..

However, kveta is totally spot on, and the true intellect never needs to resort to physical violence to prove ones point or gain the upper hand.


I guess there is some truth in both the contradicting adages I quoted, and I fully understand you query about the shock of immediate total immersion in the fruit diet..

However, I also fully understand what Kveta is saying.. Look at it this way, if you compare cooked food addiction to heroine addiction, you may probably be aware already that when someone enters a rehab center to come off of heroine, there is a great shock to the body.. Very severe, as it often gets thrown into convulsions, or the shakes.. This is one unavoidable extreme detox.. Try to get someone to come off of heroine by leaving them to their own devices, and advising them to take progressively less and less of the stuff, probably will never work or at very best, never be as quickly effective..

Moving straight on to fruit will necessitate extreme will power and strong determination, and of course, failure is an option, but if one is strong enough to persevere through a probable bout of heavy detox, then one will reap the most results, sooner.

The difficulty in this world, is that we are totally surrounded by cooked food addicts who have no idea they are addicts. Making the transition in many ways far more difficult than something like heroine where it would be relatively easy to move away and totally avoid contact with it.

Kveta and I would love to open a fruit rehab center, and get people out in the bush on fruit and fruit juices, away from any visible temptations to eat other things.. (that's not to say, of course, that the mind will not fill itself with it's own temptations.. but like Wo Dao said somewhere, that'd be just another form of detox you'ld have to contend with too)..


Anonymous said...


Well it is your right to not believe in evolution. Denying the Dinausore time then disagreeing with the caveman existence millions years(despite drawings of mammoths found in caves) ago is also your right. However those bones contain some trace of DNA allowing us to say they were from prehistoric humans. Elephants ancestors were mammoths and our current big cats had as ancestors saber-toothed cats but you are free to think otherwise.

We are destroying our own planet including numerous species every year! So do you think that intellect that you value so much is helping us? By destroying our environement we are destroying ourselves. I wish that human intellect that you are so proud of will notice this.

But I would prefer the alien version :). Bring me some facts about that & I might get convinced :)



kveta said...

hi tornerose,

jumping straight is in your opinion a heavy shock for body soul and spirit?

i don't think so, a heavy shock is having any cooked processed toxic substances.

surely detox is inevitable once one is ready to purify.

heavy cravings come from giving in, not from keeping on clean food. craving will come no matter what, so it is important to find the best way for you to say NO to them.

yes, it is not always easy but it is possible.


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred,
You are presuming things that I never said.

I never said, nor even implied that I don't believe that dinosaurs existed, or that some beings may once have lived in caves, or drew pictures in them. I do not deny that the planet has a history that I know little to nothing about, I simply stated that I do not believe that evolution as per the Darwinism school of thought is correct..

Chimpanzees supposedly share 99% the same DNA as humans do, but that is not proof that one of them is derived from the other.. You are finding it difficult to admit that there is no proof, only a school of thought that is based purely on theory.

I on the other hand, have also made the assumption (perhaps wrongly) that it is your belief that we evolved from rocks and dirt, that somehow became alive as one celled organisms 20 billion years ago.. Despite there being absolutely no scientific evidence that such a transition is at all feasible or even possible.

Also, you seem to not be following the conversation too well, as it started out by you asking:

.. In regard of defending your family against an aggression or other similar events? As fruitarians we are extremely slim and we are no match against the current homo sapien

And my response was that intelligence will in all likelihood triumph over physical strength..

I am fully in agreement that human intellect is to a great deal responsible for most of the environmental destruction on the planet.. But that has no relevance to the question you asked, or the answer I gave to your question.

But since you mention it, I also believe that intelligence alone is not enough to sort this planet out, compassion is of course needed, the ability emphasise with our surroundings, and a willingness to restore harmony..


tinah said...

Hi Kveta,

Just wanted to comment that your posts are inspiring, and reading this post made me want to go Fruitarian right away!

It does take discipline, but the rewards sound so sweet!


kveta said...

dear tinah,

i am happy you are thinking of becoming fruitarian, it is the best gift you can give to yourself.

thankyou for letting me know.


Anonymous said...

Mango: Well yes, but cooked food (and/or vegetables) isn't as damaging to the body as heroin is, I would assume. And like you're saying, it's all around us, and impossible to avoid the smells, wich atleast in my case makes it harder.

Kveta: No, I've been told by different people who is positive to my idea of going fruitarian, but who aren't fruitarians themself that it will be a heavy shock for the system.

but your fruit rehab centre sounds like an awensome idea.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi tornerose,
For sure, you are very right, that cooked food is not as damaging as heroine is.. Absolutely spot on..

But that being the case, you should also realise that coming straight off of the SAD diet, onto fruit, will not be anywhere near as big a shock to the system as a heroine addict feels coming off of heroine.. And yet, heroine junkies that are willing enough, somehow manage to do endure the cold turkey shock, and break free of the habit.. So naturally we can assume that whatever shock we might endure coming off of SAD to fruit, must be tolerable, bearable, endurable..

However, I fully sympathize with what you are saying, and understand how temptation surrounds us, and this does make making a clean break more difficult.. Worse than the temptations and smells, is the ignorance of the masses that will argue tooth, nail and pseudoscience, that their diet is correct, despite the more than obvious signs that it continues to fail.

However, again, difficult is not synonymous with impossible, the shock will not be as hard to live through as a heroine addicts cold turkey, and the benefits are well worth it, both physically, mentally and spiritually..

Also, how would your well meaning friends know that the shock would be too heavy for the system when they have likely no experience 1st or 2nd hand that that is the case??

I want to also add, that I myself was not strong willed enough to totally break free of cooked food while I was in Norway.. I came pretty close, and was determined, but binged a few times before getting as close as I did... It took me leaving the country on my bicycle heading into the unknown and several years of (still ongoing) entertaining experiences before I finally fully made it, so it can be also done in this way, but I know for sure also, that had I been strong enough to just jump straight into it, that kveta is perfectly right that that is how you will gain the most benefits fastest.. So don't worry about the shock.. You're young, you'll survive it, and be stronger on the other side..


Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm finding it harder and harder as it gets colder. I've never really liked food, so I've been living on a junk diet, but since fall hit (like clockwork) on august 1st, I've found that I crave more and more warm foods and drinks that I don't really like.
And now that norwegian fruit (well mostly poisoned apples) is overflowing the stores it's hard to get anything else, so I find that I'm missing variation too.

The reason why I'm listening so much to others, is that I have medical conditions, so I'm afraid to make them worse.

But as negative as I may sound, (not to mention addicted), I try to focus on the positive :D I did manage to quit smoking with replacing cigarettes with apples.

Thank you for all your info Mango :)
You and Kveta are huge inspirations for me

kveta said...

hi tornerose and mango, sweet mango, yes, i agree with you. thank you for a great note. only one thing i disagree on: that clean heroin is not more damaging than cooked food. in fact the substance of itself is not harmful to the body. it is the ADDICTION of the substance that is harmful. definition of addiction is that you need and want more. the more you use, the more you need. in case of clean heroin it is the addiction that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle via lost self-control via being controlled by addiction. cooked food on the other hand damages all body systems, self, and also holds firm strong and powerful addiction. so with every cooked meal addiction is also being fed: the more you use, the more you need, it is a vicious circle of addiction...and yes, it is POSSIBLE for many to give up addictive substances /heroin, alcohol, cigarettes,etc.../ from one day to another, yes it is difficult. that is why to be successful, one has to be fully convinced within oneself to stop.

tornerose, i am sure that raw fresh fruit would not harm you. but any other "food" would. how can toxic unnatural stuff help improve your wellbeing? you worry about shock to your body if you eat/drink just raw fresh fruit, but how about the shock your body has to deal with each time you are eating/drinking something other than raw fresh fruit? yes, detox is not easy, change is not easy but it is possible and worth while.

anyway comparing heroin to cooked food, i was not talking about how harmful these substances are, but about their strong ADDICTION.

congratulations tornerose for giving up cigarettes with sweet apples.

i am sorry to hear that you have such a limited variety of fruit in your area. how about some internet fruit delivery? or moving to same more fruity area? you may get some good tips from the iheartfruit forum or come up with some yourself...all the best


John said...

I really enjoyed the article and was enjoying reading and comments as well until the non-sense about evolution came up.

Look people. I'm a scientist. I don't form opinions based on anything but cold hard data. We evolved from the trees. The evidence is OVERWHELMING. The fossil record alone is enough, but then when you get into the actual statistical analysis of DNA it's a done deal.

No need to fret. Everything else you say stands, but if you don't believe in evolution you are wrong..plain and simple. You should adjust your views in this regard, because the claims that have been made here are simply not based on any sort of science...and you run the potential of turning away potential new comers because they might start thinking you are all anti-science, etc...which I don't think any of you are.


Velocity said...


I've gone from vegan to fruitarian on a experimentive basis for the last couple of days and I got a couple of questions.

The often promoted benefits, when do they occur, which at what time?

Does your bloodtype, geographical origin and such have an impact on how your body will cope with this diet?

I have a chronic injury in my knee, I snapped my cruciate ligament a year ago and it still bothers me, despite that I train the stabilizing muscles in the knee. Can a fruitarian diet cure injuries as such?

Anonymous said...

I have been researching health, nutrition, and longevity for years now. I believe that fruitarianism is the best way to go. It is not a cure all however since, even though we are eating clean food, we still live in a polluted environment.
The most important nutrient to our health is Air, then Water, then Food.
If the World was to have pure air and water... we probably wouldn't need much or any food at all.
I recommend reading the likes of Arnold Ehret for those who are just getting started, and Hilton Hotema for everyone else. "man's higher consciousness"
For those who want to go a step further into the subject of immortality and longevity read up on a guy named Alexis Carrell.
In the end however, we are all energy, vibration, and frequency... hence the ability to empower and program water... and thus ourselves as well.

Live long and prosper!