Saturday, October 4, 2008

third day on raw fresh fruit juices

was a very good one, me and mango shared raw fresh orange juice five times. i am feeling every day better, i enjoy the physical and mental lightness; the constant natural high, with euphoric outbursts, oh, how i love fruit euphoria, i am so in love with my fruitarian lifestyle, the mighty fruit gives me satisfaction.

yesterday was also a very hot day 35+, and me and mango visited the beach, the water was so freezing, so mango had 3 very short swims and i had one short swim and twice i just jumped in for a dip to cool down. it was like a real natural sauna. yeah, the beach is always good, i felt so renewed afterwards as usual.

we also got 2 boxes or life giving raw fresh oranges

we shared a lovely and peaceful day

citrus060.jpg picture by Fruitarian

in a orange bliss
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