Thursday, October 23, 2008

days and nights (plus karel capek)

are passing by one by one, and me and mango are enjoying them, sharing our fruitful fruitarian life, each day unique, special, beautiful...

...enjoying daily our mangoes blended in orange juice two or three times a day, very yummy hass avocados, tomatoes, lebanese cucumbers, and some not so hot chillies  and some a bit hot. we are also sharing almost daily one magic durian or two... they are very yummy and yum yum yum, yes. and today it was a very uplifting pineapple banana orange drink. all our drinks are a half litre or a little bit over.

yesterday i finished reading 2 books by karel capek, in the original czech language (also translated into english) the absolute at large (tovarna na absolutno) 1922 and war with the newts (valka s mloky) 1936 (the year my mum was born). i found them very inspiring. karel capek is my new discovery, i knew about him, but i never came across his books before. one book was given to us with some other books and the second one is here

the past few days were nice, warm and sunny and today the temperature dropped down to 15+ celsius and it was a real winter rainy day with some snow in the blue mountains located abut 80 km away, yes, it was freezing

but we had a lovely day anyway...

P6120457.jpg opice th picture by Fruitarian

thailand holidays with mango 2006
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