Sunday, October 5, 2008

fourth raw fresh fruit juice day

was very peaceful and relaxing, mango had 2 orange juices and 1/2 a banana blended in orange juice, i had 1orange juice and 1/2 a banana blended in orange juice

the last two boxes of oranges were a bit sour, they will need about a week or so to sweeten up, so today we got some sweeter ones, ready to be squeezed in to sweet raw fresh orange juice, the true life giving orange liquid entering our digestive system and bloodstream, to give us the best drink under the sun. there is no better drink than raw fresh fruit juice made of any juicy raw fresh fruit.

i love the unfortunately rare moments when i squeeze for some one fresh fruit juice, and they have never had one, only the old rotten ones everyone can find not only on thesupermarket shelves, and as soon they have their first sip they  tell me with a big surprise: "this is very different to any bottled juice i get in the shops, hmm this is so much nicer...hmmm..." i usually say something like: "fresh is the best". or "fresh is alive the old is dead"... the bottom line is, that most of them say something like this: "yes, but it is too much work to make it", well i think, people like that have to work first on their mind and then on their diet.

rain 20+, garden is happy, so are we

kveta is climbing rocks

"rock climbing" by me while getting to the lookout (czech republic 2006)
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Tornerose said...

do you use a juicer or blender? r perhaps both?

I'm in the process of experimenting with what workd best where

Anonymous said...


I think they are using a blender.
I am using a blender especially in the morning with orange juice. But I am trying to eat raw food and and not always juicing them. You don't want to lose the habit to chew and your stomach needs to work as well.
I am just trying to eat the way our prehistoric ancestors were eating in the wild :)


kveta said...

hello tornerose,

we are using both. but for orange juice we use a hand juicer, then we may blend the banana in it. once you experiment with these devices for a while, you will know what is best for what.


kveta said...

hi fred,

i think the monkey you think you come from would have been capable of hand squeezing some juice from a orange.


Tornerose said...

Can I ask why you're using a hand juicer for Orange Juice?
And what kind of hand juicer? I've come across different ones who all claim to be hand juicers, but who look totally different from eachother.

kveta said...

hi, tornerose, we use the hand juicer because it is more convenient, oranges are just cut in half and with a good hand juicer easily juiced, with an electric juicer the oranges have to be pealed. the best way to find a hand orange juice is to ask a shop assistant, and a small but important tip from me, the ribs of the part of the juicer where the orange is juiced, must be "sharp" for easier juicing.