Saturday, September 27, 2008

my english is

improving bit by bit, especially from the time i am with mango, he is showing me all my mistakes, and because i have used them for such a long time, it is taking time to change the bad habits. i can see how i am  programed like a computer and i act like a robot, doing things automatically. i reached the point, where i feel uncomfortable  to write  in  english,  as i am aware of how many mistakes i am making and how much more i still have to learn. i spoke about it with mango and i asked him, if he would help me to correct  my  blog  posts,  he  said  yes,  so  we  did  the 2 last  posts  today.  i am so lucky to have such a helpful sweet heart. he is sleeping now, so we will correct this text tomorrow.

today was another warm and sunny day with an all blue sky.  our first meal was a very sweet orange juice, a durian picnic next to our garden later on was a big disappointment, as the durian fruit was almost tasteless and sweet less, so we exchanged it for a sweet yummy one...and we ended up eating it in the park just above the beach, with a beautiful view. the ocean was so calm and so blue and the shallow water was so green, the durian was magic, so was the long relaxing time afterwards. about 2 hours later we agreed we would like some orange juice so we left our special place and arrived at another one..and yes, we had an orange juice, and a bit later we had a paw paw picnic under the sun, yum, yum, our backyard, and some kids arrived and chatted with us, and a 4year young boy told us that he want to kill all aliens, and it was almost impossible to talk him out of it...

when the sun left we left as well and mango made for us an apple orange banana drink and we watched some movies

life is
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Anonymous said...

Hallo kveta,
you english is very good, i wished that mind was so good. you are lucky you have such good chances to improve it.

i want to say, both you and mango are such great inspirations for me, i have learned so much from mangoes blog these pass weeks, now i start to read yours one to.

thanksyou to both of you!
hug malcom

Anonymous said...


Your English is great and the content of your pages are always fascinating. If I was you I would not worry about that at all. Always write as you feel. I like that. I don't like to read a blog who is too elaborate. I like to read some people feelings about diet , life etc.. and your blog is great in that regard. Keep up the good work my friend.


tinah said...

Kveta, your blog is perfect... : )


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your english so much. All your readers probably uderstand you, and if they don't they will ask.

Anonymous said...

This is LOTO again. Does Mango use a ripe banana to make you feel good?


kveta said...

hi malcom,

thankyou for your encouraging post. i am glad you find us inspiring.

so what is your first language?

hug and fruit kveta

kveta said...

thank you fred, it is nice to know that you enjoy my raw posts.

thankyou for your friendly support.


kveta said...

hello tina,

it is nice to see you. thankyou for your support.

enjoy your fruity days

kveta said...

hi tornerose,

yes, you are right, i should not worry about my english. it look like it is not as bad as i thought.. :)

sweet day to you,