Monday, October 13, 2008

eating all raw fresh fruit again

after 8 days of raw fresh orange juice feast was very exciting. we got 3 boxes of mangoes, 5 paw paws, bananas 2kg, tomatoes 2kg, avos 2kg, strawberries 3/4kg, 2 big rock melons, 1 small watermelon.  mango found 2 big honey dew melons and there are still a lot of oranges left over, getting sweeter for sure.

well, we drank blended mangoes twice, 1/2 liter each time. and we ate a big and so yummy durian, avo and pealed tomato mix

i was feeling great all day and night, but when i woke up i felt a little bit sick, i was constipated and i went back to sleep for about an hour and then when i woke up i felt more sick like throwing up and my tummy was sore like bruised.oh, and i felt week, i sent mango for an aloe leaf, and i blended and drank the gel and about half an hour later i went back to sleep and i slept for another 4 hours and when i woke up i was feeling ok and the constipation was gone, but i had no appetite.

i think that for the first day after light orange juice days i ate too much (2) heavy oily avocado. i think i was not thinking. 

at 4pm when i came back from visiting a friend i was hungry so me and mango shared a very tasty durian yum yum yum. a few hours later we had strawberries blended with bananas. before that mango had blended mango and some avos later.

we enjoy all we do

sunny 21+

another day closer to our tropical fruit paradise...

well, late at night when i was already in bed ready to sleep,i began to feel a little bit sick again, so i had a small glass of raw fresh orange juice, and i felt better, but not for long, so i got up again and i blended the gell from an aloe vera leaf and drank it, and i felt back to normal and i slept in no time like a baby.

i woke up to cloudy sky,and i felt great and full of beans, later on sunshine arrived and me and mango had our mango drink out in the sun, relaxing afterwards just like yesterday, we had a lot of fruitarian fun under the yummy sun

me and mango shared busy fruitful and beautiful day

sweet sweet sweet

we drank rock melon, rock melon, mango, mango, and we ate tomatoes, avos, paw paw

yum yummy yummmy yummy yum :) and giggles :)

cloudy sunny 22+


i was waking up slowly, when mango whispered in to my ear: "it is time to wake up" oh, yes it is sunday, i thought and i got up to a sunny day, it was about 6am, yes, this is very


to wake up like this, as i almost always wake up naturally. i love the slow awakening and i never feel the same when i get disturbed from my sleep. i feel sick like throwing up, i do not have appetite and i may have mood swings (poor mango); feeling a bit down at times. oh, yes,


affects me deeply and negatively. i am lucky i can almost  always sleep as it suits me. i was lucky i was waking up slowly for some time when mango wispered in to my i could truly enjoy a very busy day.

...oh, yeah, i was excited, as soon as i got out of the bed, i was looking forward to go on our first...

to be continued...

harvesting aloe vera gel

harvesting aloe vera gel
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