Friday, October 17, 2008

sunday continued...

sunday local markets, selling brick a' brack that got slowly but surely in to our shoebox from different directions: as gifts, or found by the rubbish bins, usually by mango as he is looking for recyclable metals to sell at a recycling plant, so he brings some other stuff, and because the saying one mans rubbish is another mans treasure is true, me and mango decided to hire a stall at our local sunday markets. i like recycling, especially when some pocket money comes out from it.

it was very interesting to see how much i was able to learn in one day from the experience. experience is the best way of learning. just like with the all raw fresh fruit lifestyle, anyone who has the same experience would agree with me, that it is the most beautiful and giving way of living for ones whole being.

we did not eat/drink at all, to avoid the need to visit public toilets, so we could fully attend to our stall.

it was a hot day and it was fun, and around 1pm mango went to buy a few oranges as we both longed for orange juice. i got some juice from one orange mango from two, they were not so juicy, but even a little bit of raw fresh orange juice rejuvenated us... at 4pm we were back in our shoe box, and we both truly enjoyed a 1/2 a litre glass full of clear raw fresh orange juice, then about an hour later the same again, and soon afterward a sweet durian... i am sure we enjoyed some other fruits that night too.

hot day 26+

watera191.jpg picture by Fruitarian

monday was a beautiful beach day, so me and mango went to visit one of our local beaches. yes, the sun was shining like there was no tomorrow, we could not have wished for a better day. we had a magic relaxing time sunbasking and an amazing swim twice. the ocean had warmed up since last time, so we could swim for much longer than previously, and that was a big joy for me, i had so much fun swimming in the tingling pacific ocean, giggling afterward... me and mango we shared one mango and a bit later another one...

we are drinking and eating raw fresh fruit only as usual, durian, and mango blended in orange juice, are my favorites right now, all the fruit we are eating is so yummy i also love sweet paw paws

yum yum yum...


sleeping in, visiting friend, sharing raw fresh sweet fruits with mango


reading, sleeping, reading (in bed) eating and drinking raw fresh fruit yum yum yum

water208.jpg picture by Fruitarian

 life is beautiful

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KT said...

That beach looks beautiful. What a relaxed peaceful life you have. I think you are very blessed. ...Kay

kveta said...

thankyou kay. yes, i am blessed enjoying life because i am folowing my dreams. since the time i moved to australia, my decisions have been influenced by climate/i need the sun, fruit and water. truly i do not need water for drinking, as a true fruitarian i never get thirsty, still, water is very esential to my life. i love swimming, bathing... etc. and the feeling of clean skin. yes, sydney has some very amazing beaches, bays and coves...and i have visited almost all of them. love your life. :) kveta