Thursday, March 27, 2008

two satisfied fruitarians

the durians are heavenly, we are getting the best of the best. me and  mango we are almost daily in durian heaven.  drinking dark, almost black grapes, is also unforgettable experience full on sweet bliss. in last few days we also shared some orange juice, pears, delicious avocado banana pear mix /mushed by fork/one watermelon and two very very sweet and yummy rock melons from our garden. yum! few nectarines and peaches. figs. cucumbers and tomatoes.

me and mango we are two satisfied fruitarians we are enjoying sharing our love for fruit. we are eating with excitement, happiness, gratefulness and love.

in last two days i had avocado pear and banana mix and i discovered that my digestive system is happy with it and so am i.

me: reading, reading, reading...singing and lot of giggles...

life is

'fruit star' by kveta

star fruit

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