Wednesday, March 19, 2008

is your house killing you?

me and mango watched first part of documentary series is your house killing you? it was about family living in mold contaminated house. they all luck energy and they did look tired and lifeless. they all felt depressed and they all suffered some other health problems as well. so when there was found big moldy areas, family moved out and house was cleaned. once the family lived free from moldy house for few months, their health visibly improved, depression was gone.

yeah, i know for long time that mold is highly toxic. so i was glad there was so important info on tv. as most people tend to believe media.

and yes, not only mold but also cleaning products, cosmetics, "natural" cosmetics, fridge, insect sprays, cooking fumes, etc. are silent killers. yes, most of houses are killing us. i never visited house free from all above, excluding mold. only place i know of so far is our shoebox.


today we end up only grapes for few juices, so we left for more fruit and we got another box of almost black grapes, 2 durians, box of oranges, bananas, avos.

me and mango we are so enjoying drinking so so so sweet grape  juice.  /blended and poured trough sieve/ it is truly powerful stuff. almost box in 3 days. yum.  and durians are magic and today's one was super magic, with lot of unreal flavors and the most fine creamy texture. true delight. today juice from new black grapes box, even more powerful twice. mango had some avos.

yeah, i ate avo on monday afternoon and i woke up at 3 am feeling very sick so i got bucket close to me in the case...and i was relaxing + breathing exercises in bed and in few hours i felt bit better and i slept for some  hours and i woke up sick again and i was constipated, so i made aloe vera drink and bit later mango made for us grape juice and i felt much better right away, but low on energy. around 1pm i had big poo and i was back to myself. feeling good again. yesterday and today no avo for me. :

i love to be fruitarian, i love fruit and fruit love me back!

life is sweet

'white fruit' by kveta

white currants  /cr 2006/

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