Monday, March 17, 2008

is your fruit killing you?

yes, even fruit can be deadly and killing you slowly. please understand first that grains, legumes greens and water are no fruit.

so what fruit is toxic? it is cooked fruit, frozen fruit, dry fruit and moldy fruit.

all those are highly underestimated, and i observed from others that eating such fruit is considered healthy.

dry fruit: dry fruit is cooked processed and far far far from fresh. the best part; living fruit juice /same call it fruit water/is absent.

frozen fruit: fruit should be frozen only in it's skin /after skin is even little bit open, the fruit is slowly but surely getting of/and for few days. me and mango have exception and we are enjoying frozen durians from thailand. my sensitive fruitarian senses  let  me  know  if  frozen  durian  is  fresh  or  not.  one  year  ago  i  ate few months frozen  black sapote /chocolate  pudding  fruit/and  i  felt  sick  for  rest  of  the  day. 

cooked fruit: cooked fruit is very highly toxic

moldy fruit: i observed throughout  many  years  that  most  of  people  are  eating  moldy  food.  whatever  is  mold  on  they  just  cat  it  of,  or take it of and eat the rest. when i make comment that mold is highly toxic i get almost always the same answer: i cannot throw this in rubbish it is wasting it. the true is moldy fruit is waste. once part of the fruit is moldy all fruit is toxic with mold gas

'red wild strawberries' by kveta
wild strawberries /czech republic 2006/

me and mango truly enjoyed our 9days watermelon feast. mango was fasting on friday and i drank one watermelon. yesterday we planned to have another and last watermelon but it turned up of therefore toxic for us so we left it for garden's breakfast and decided to go and get some yummy fruit to munch on.

yeah, we were excited like kids, our eyes were shining. it is always awesome new fruity experience: getting and eating other fruits after mono fruit juice  feasting.

we got box of very sweet and yummy dark grapes, 2 magic durians, longans, white nectarines, rock melon, few bananas, tomatoes and avos. we also have some cherry tomatoes from our garden.

we break watermelon juice feast by tasting grapes /i had only one grape/later on one big fig each and bit later we shared 1/2of very tasty durian. soon after i left to see friend with shopping for her. few hours later me and mango finished rest of the yummy durian and later we enjoyed some longans and we end up our eating all fruit again day with totally unreal grape juice. twice. mango had one avo while i was visiting friend. i wanted one as well, but later on i forgot all about it.

the sun is shining so are we

life is beautiful

'flowery' by kveta
lilies  /cr 2006/

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