Saturday, March 29, 2008

amazing grapes

amazing grapes
how sweet you are,
that saved a wretch like me-
i once was lost but now am found,
was blind, but now, I SEE

oh, yeah amazing grapes full of grace are taking me to higher places....we are getting very yummy ones this season

me and mango just started on fourth  box of grapes, /we usually have 2 drinks a day/5dl//they are totally packed with healing energy and euphoric powers  oh, i love fresh raw grape juice.

yesterday was mango's fasting friday, and i had orange grapefruit raw fresh juice just after midday and very soon after some super toxic poo. much later i had avo, tomatoe and cucumber, later one banana, later green grape juice, and pear & avocado before i jumped in bed for some sleep.

i woke up with giggles and mango was already after his first grape juice after a day of fast, dancing for me the sweet grape juice dance...

on thursday we got box of green grapes, 2rockmelons, 3honeydewmelons, 2durians, avos and tomatoes. we tend to drink only our grapes, citrus fruit and melons, only mango have at times very few grapes as is.

living  on  raw  fresh  fruit  only  for  long  time  now, i  found myself to be  truly  alienated from this coke, burger, pizza dead toxic world and i do not miss it at all. on the contrary raw fresh fruit give me freedom from the social seen  full of intoxicated people via alcohol, dead food, cosmetics....

i love my fruitarian lifestyle i love fruit. oh, durians are in their peak!!! so so so yummy!!!

life is magic

'flowering grapes 1' by kveta

grape vine in flower bliss


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Anonymous said...

i am on my second doay of only (dark) grapes!
they are, indeed, super!
today i blended some (never tried to blend them) and it was amazing. the juice was clearly full of life and it was even better than I drunk it while feeling the light of the sun in my skin whick have also gave the juice an extremely good appereance.
keep sharing Kveta. I will soon also share throw a new blog. (I am on one week of only fruit)

big hug and peace to you

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Filipe!
Great that you are on the grapes and grape juice!

We normally sort and wash ours first, then blend them in a blender, and then put the juice through a sieve before drinking it, so we don't eat the skins..

very powerful stuff.. very sweet, and some of the ones we've been having recently are almost creamy too!


kveta said...

it is great to hear from you again fylype

2 days on dark grapes how sweet, i am happy you found them amazing as well.i also love to see sunlight and feel life of raw fresh fruit!

congratulations to your on going fruitful, fruit full days

i am looking forward to your new blog.

big hug and peace to you :)

kveta said...

thankyou sweet mango:)i always love to read you.

big hug and kiss to you