Wednesday, March 12, 2008


yes, me and mango we are drinking one big watermelon a day. usually 2.5 liter each, throughout  day  and  night. we are enjoying our fruitarian pink drinks and there is no desire for other fruit.

i am feeling everyday bit higher bit lighter and every sense is more powerful. drinking mono fruit juices for some days is very sweet experience for me and i am always looking forward to it.

after dry fasting and mono raw fresh fruit juice set in monthly pattern/beginning of every month for 10days or so/for about 7 moths now i become aware that i am like a robot. yeah, i can by doing something at same time train myself to do it automatically, just like robot. it is my nature. this is great tool for overcoming addictions.

summer weather is still with us and me and mango are enjoying ocean and sun. yesterday i decided to walk on one of our favorite local beaches, thankfully it is the most close one. i walk slowly for 25 minutes one way. from now on this is my beach again. my back was constantly in pain over a year and it is much better now, i even have painfree, wow, wow..../my spine was smashed in to peaces in a car accident 1970/most of time i am back pain free, so this persistent long term pain was all new experience for me.

yeah, i enjoyed my wander walk all the way...and ocean was so so clear and bright blue, mango had swim before i arrived so he went with me when i was ready for swim, we had 3 swims together. sun was hot and there was no cloud in smashing blue sky.

before yesterday i met friend is city and there was so much traffic noise and pollution that i was thankful i can live in less noisy and polluted part of sydney. next time i will decline such invitation.

and yes, i am dreaming sweet fruitarian dream about tropical paradise, eating fruit from fruit trees....

in last few days i am reading a lot about traveling  people, traveling virtually with them looking forward to my next travels.  my  favorite  country  so  far  is australia.

and i fully enjoy all i do.

life is sweet.

rocksb.jpg picture by Fruitarian

beach sand stones just around the corner...
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