Saturday, March 8, 2008

euphoric watermelon

thursday: me and mango drank watermelon and we also shared second cucumber from our garden. yummiest cucumber ever. it was very tender, juicy, sweet and creamy. and yummiest cherry is harvesting daily for while now.

friday: mango was fasting and i was drinking  one small watermelon first watermelon feast /yeah, i feel very festive/drink at 2pm and last one 10pm. 5 watermelon drinks 5dl each. magic watermelon delivers lot of euphoric moments for me and i just LOVE IT!!! it is amazing how much better i can feel in so short time. i love to observe how i react to different fruit.

eating and drinking raw fresh fruit only brought very satisfying eating experience to me. i am highly excited about every meal once i feel hungry. i am aware that my food is the most true, clean, alive, tasty, beautiful...

i give true thankyou for every meal

for me the fruit path was always easy as i was always in love with raw fresh fruit.

yesterday was glorious day, me and mango had sweet and relaxing time sun busking and lots of swimming...the ocean was very blue clean and calm.

life is sweet sweet sweet. wow to natural high!!!

mek426.jpg picture by Fruitarian

blue whale visit 2years ago...

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