Friday, March 21, 2008


one of the major causes of ill health is dehydration. water is not just a transport system in the human body it is a living activator of many of our regulatory processes. the human body has an intricately balanced feedback and moderating system to allow the best circumstances for survival. we have a priority water rationing system and the body has plenty of "warning lights" to alert us when something is going wrong or needs fixing.

pain is one of the body's warnings about dehydration. pain can be warnings of other detrimental situations too, not just dehydration.

thirst is another of the body's warnings about dehydration. thirst indicates ill health.

re hydration is a major step to good health and raw fresh fruit is the only suitable medium for the body's water needs.

'me as frog' by kveta

i love water to swim in....

yesterday me and mango shared very sweet yummy full of healing powers and hydrating grape juice few times (3?) and delicious durian,  juicy pears, cucumber and cherry tomatoes from our happy garden. avo only mango i had just tiny taste.

mango is fasting for a day as every friday. i had so far 5dl of raw fresh orange juice and later on 2 pealed sweet and juicy pears.

today is first day of autumn, it is cloudy after many sunny days.  our garden is happy getting some rain and there are many tiny cucumbers getting bit bigger every day.

fruitarian life is beautiful

'cute water lily' by kveta

i love water lilies
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Anonymous said...

Aye, dehydration is indeed the cause of ailments. There was this time, where I had not slept well, nor had a nice wakeup (mom's yapping on the phone like a vacuum cleaner). I laid in bed, wasn't in the mood to get up, despite needing water and washroom.

Once my mom left the place, I ran into the hallway in the apartment, I nagged her to go get me some dates. I walked halfway in the hallway, just to pass the box of dates to my mom. On walking back, the smell of meat from other neighbors was overwhelming...that I got dizzy, walked into my room, fell quite hard, even though I would of stood. Hadn't fallen unconscious though. It was that feeling where vision gets all sealed.

Yeah, I told this to no one, since people are BS'ed into thinking "protein protein protein meat meat meat" or should I say: PRO-PAGANDA-TEIN!

Yeah, water is a lovely thing. Especially air.

I thirst a lot by the way. But eating just fruits...I barely thirst. But I drink water anyways. It's just the duration of thirst has been reduced or delayed, by eating just fruit.

Cheers anyhow!


kveta said...

thankyou for sharing your dehydration nightmare.

i wish for you better days.

yes, propaganda everywhere not only pro-paganda-tein.