Thursday, April 3, 2008

great news

in last 4 days me and mango enjoyed delicious raw fresh juices from green grapes, rockmelon, oranges, pineapple, oranges & grapefruit, and grape juices are very popular, yesterday we got another 2 boxes of beautiful sultana grapes. yum! and 3magic durians, pears, /i was never mad about pears, this year i so want them/custard apples, avos, tomatoes and one field and one telegraph cucumber, pineapples. we were also munching on custard apples, sweet durians, little bit of sweet tamarind, avos, tomatoes and cucumber, few bananas.

today me and mango got a great news about his visa. he can stay with me here in sweet oz. in year and half he have to prove again that we are living together and if so, then he will get visa for ever. the good news arrived on our 2 durian day, how sweet.

i am so happy we are getting so amazing grapes this grape oz season. the longer i am drinking them the better i feel, so is mango. it is so blissful to share my life with sweet fruitarian.

i am blessed that i know what i want and would not settle for the second best.

fruitarian life is wonderful

baby cucumber  by kveta

baby cucumber from our garden
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