Saturday, January 26, 2008

summer fruits and sun burn

me and mango are enjoying yummy and sweet summer fruits. this year fruit is more sweet and less expensive.

there  are  plenty  of  summer  fruits  in  fruit  shops  and  in  our  shoebox.  last  few  days  we  let  in  our  bloodstream: durians, nectarines, lychees, longans, mangoes blended in grape juice, grape juice, blended rock melons, pealed and chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, and only mango is having some avos.

well, yesterday was friday, mango's fasting day and i was drinking all day mango and grapes or just grapes, and i ate some nectarines.

day before yesterday  me and mango visited one of our local beaches and we had lovely relaxing time and few swims. it was so awesome to be on the sun again after few cloudy rainy days.  i burned my face badly.  think was i could not feel it. only the next morning my face was burning and very swollen. yeah, it happened before. once or twice. in those times i am thankful for aloe vera in my life. i know aloe is not fruit, but i use only bottom leaves and plant is still i believe i  do not kill the plant. i use aloe vera for many years now and it save me few visits to dentist, and lot of pain from small injuires. well, i have to admit that i am in love with aloe vera.

well, another sunny day is ahead, me and mango started with blended rockmelon and now i am going to join mango in our garden...

life is beautiful,
DSC00266.jpg my habiscus picture by me

my beloved habiscus grown by me from tiny twig, it was stolen by neighbour whom do not like trees, just because birds go there and sing, and that iritates her.

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Anonymous said...

Be blessed Kveta...and keep posting! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kveta,

Wish you and Mango a wonderful new year filled with joy and wonderful fruity adventures...!!!


Anonymous said...

hi, fylype and sunny,

thankyou for your kind thoughts.