Friday, January 18, 2008

fruity days

this week me and mango visited beach twice and as always we had great time. we enjoyed lots of long swims and relaxing time while sun busking. the second time we left bit earlier as lady next to us brought from new beach junk "food" kiosk on the back of sailing club, stinky poison for possibly her's grandchildren; two sweet girls about 4 and 7. yes both girls attacked toxic fish and chips and was for me bit painful to see, and the dead stuff stank so bad me and mango said let's go.  we both agree to visit different shops free beach.

we are having fun sharing yummy fruits: durians, white nectarines, mangos and oranges /usually blended together/, few bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, and only mango had avos.  oh, and very very yummy cherry tomatoes from our garden. and i had 3 early delicious apples, i am mad about them. today is friday and sweet mango is fasting. i had one almost one liter big orange mango blended drink. one banana one early delicious.

yes, i am still avo free and i am feeling much better for it. there is no effort for me to stay away from yummy avos and i am happy for it. my digestive system is back to normal.

yesterday i went with friend to get pink slip for car registration. mechanic found that lot of stuff need to be fixed, so me and mango went early to put car in the garage for repairs. after we had nice longer walk to bus stop. it is really different to travel by a car or by the bus. when car was ready to be picked up it was heavily raining and so mango decided to go alone.

i am still in reading mode and i hardly write i even forgot for some time that i am creating my website.

life is beautifully sweet...
DSC00716.jpg banany picture by Fruitarian
bananas in nimbin at mango's friend's place

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