Sunday, January 20, 2008

rainy day

yesterday was lovely rainy day. the land is pleased. garden is always so beautiful after the rain stop and the sun returns. mango is harvesting a small handful of sweet cherry tomatoes daily, and melon vines are abundant with beautiful yellow flowers.

me and mango jumped in a car and we drove to our local fruit shops and we returned with box of green grapes, 2 durians, lychees, rock melons, casava melons, apricots, white nectarines, cherries, aw paw, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, avos,

before we left we drank blended rock melon, and after fruit shopping we so enjoyed very very tasty durian....ooooh, and aaaah, experience. soon after i was reading for very short time and then i dozed of in to peaceful sleep, i felt great after and soon i was drinking blended rockmelon, and rest of the day and night me and mango enjoyed yummy sweet peas, cherries, apricots, lychees, oh, yes, in last few days i forgot mention that we are enjoying daily sweet and tasty lychhees. and mango had some avos, he is now eating them out of my sight and i kind of forgot about them.

in one of the fruit shops the lady by counter said: you were lucky with that box of grapes /we got them very cheap $4/they are yummy, i said yeah, we love to drink them,  she said: that is why you look so healthy. we said yes, that is why.

me and mango we had nice relaxing and peaceful day.

life is delicious
DSC00573.jpg mango & jackfruit picture by Fruitarian
happy sweet mango with yummy jack fruit, one of many exciting moments on our last year north coast travels...

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