Monday, January 14, 2008

true story and fruitarian alien

i like the stories based on real events. that is why i decided to watch movie - open water - certified scuba divers board local dive boat for an under water tour of the reef. after 40 minutes under water the couple find themselves accidentally left behind in shark infested waters. two people in love on holidays, spend the whole day and night in the accompanied by sharks. it was too late when next morning search for them began..later their camera was find in shark killed by fisherman.

this story made me think how that could happened that no one from scuba diving group did not noticed that two people are missing...? i also got in to the story and i felt fear and night i was waking up with the story in my head, feeling fear and sadness, and when i woke up it was first thing on my mind. i just could not shake it of me.

to take my mind of it i was reading all day and night/almost finished/another true story by barbara robinette moss:change me into zeus's daughter. barbara's story is about her life in big poor family with abusive alcoholic father. unfortunately most true stories are not over happy. why? some believe that those people got what they wish for, or some it is a karma, i believe it is all about chemicals in our bloodstream. on that depend how we are feeling and how we are acting.

today is my second avocado free day. so far i do not even want it...hmmm interesting i was expecting cravings, well they may still arrive. i feel like i am detoxing some avocado fat from my brain. i feel very peaceful i am in my own world content with myself, at times bit sad. i am getting some childhood flashbacks.

i was also reading 30 days diary from czech couple traveling to siberia few nights ago. that was interesting and very positive story, mixed with some negative history.

yesterday me and mango got some melons, grapes, lychees, box of white nectarines, tomatoes, cucumbers and 2 durians.

yesterday  we enjoyed very yummy and sweet blended rockmelon, very delicious durian, very tasty white nektarines, sweet cherries, very yummy red paw paws, tomatoes and libanise cucumbers. the most tasty tomatoes were 2 cherry tomatoes from our garden. we had first one about 3 days ago.

today: magic durian, white nectarines, cherries, lychees, and only mango some avos. i ate much less than usual.

last night arrived along with gentle rain. today was cloudy and little bit showery, yesterday hot and sunny. mango went for swim. for me was too early.

surely i am fruitarian alien.

life is delicious
rambutan man from fruit festival in tailand. i got him from some durian website while ago

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