Saturday, January 12, 2008

a forbidden fruit

thank to my fruity experiences, i discovered for a second time that avocado is the forbidden fruit for me. i find that the more avocado i am eating, more avocado i want.  i am not feeling with avocado in my body/mind/spirit as high, light and energized as when i am avocado free. avocado upset my digestion/partial or full constipation. something i do not like at all, for many reasons. it brings too much negativity from toxins. and yes it is all getting worse with the time. i am now back on avos for about year and half.

i like taste of avocado, so i find it bit difficult to refuse it, when it is here almost every day in abundance. today i spoke with mango about it and i asked him  not to offer me one. he said ok.

this morning  i made decision to concentrate on giving up. today was successful i ate only 1/2 of avocado, yeah, i wanted more, but i said to myself, i prefer to feel better and poo better, than enjoy few minutes of avocado taste while eating.  1/2 was for me more than plenty. and reward come in big poo 3 times within one hour. oh, i felt so much better after it. tomorrow i do my best to go avocado free.

today i also fully enjoyed: orange juice, blended mango in orange juice twice/all 5dl, white nectarines, lychees, tomato and cucumber, mango the same only he had more avos and no cucumber. oh, yummy summer fruit, this year so sweet and yum. me and mango are having fruitarian fun sharing our love for fruit.

sweet day to all,
beautiful fruit
beautiful and yummy fruit

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