Thursday, January 10, 2008

forest and dentist

yesterday night when i finished my post here @my fruity blog, i had fun painting my first ever forest picture. i drew and painted many of single trees, as they are one of my favorite things to make pictures of. paining forest is a very new experience for me i am learning as i go. from what i see. i feel strongly connected to it from the beginning, even my trees resemble more of computer bare code, as mango put it...i could see it too but i also knew there is still lot of brush strokes ahead and for many days i look for while at forest picture at times before i am sure of my next one. and for the first time i am using watercolor pencils, plus already familiar and for me very exciting watercolors, and it is also first big/size picture for me,  witch already seem bit small, ha, ha,ha..

yesterday morning i was working on getting my mind of dentist thoughts. one very old filing come out and i decided to see dentist about it. she told me that it need to come out the next time i come see her, and she find another one.  then she said i do not have problems with teeth but with gums, from not cleaning my teeth the right way or not enough. i decided to heal my gums with fresh aloe vera.

soon after i woke up i shared with mango delicious blended mango in grape juice for the first time. twice.

around 6pm when i returned from dentist and visiting friend whom also had appointment, i and mango enjoyed avo, libanise cucumber and tomato, cut up and mixed.  much later i had one orange juiced in mouth and one big banana as is.

yesterday i got lot of big compliments from friend, and her teenage daughter and her friends about my skin, look, and personality. it made me feel awesome.

life is sweet,
last winter fruit
some fruit me and mango shared on the end of last winter, we are drinking rock melons blended. yum.

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