Tuesday, January 8, 2008

eating again

eating again after dry fasting and mono raw fresh juice feasting is always exciting for me. there are so many yummy fruits with their amazing aroma, taste, colors...i am more thankful for all yummy fruits in my life.  after first fruit meal i always feel how i left skies and landed on the earth. i found my sky/earth  existence interesting and enjoyable. i prefer the sky one.

this time something very strange happened: on the second day of my back to all fruit eating, i got sick/7pm, i felt like i am going throw up. after half hour i decided to have fresh aloe vera gel, and it helped a bit so soon after i had some more and in few minutes i throw up and i was fine. i am afraid i did over eat. especially on avocados. i felt sorry for all sick people. i forgot how bad it is to feel this way as i was never sick like this since i live on raw fresh fruit.

well, next morning i was happily swimming in the ocean. enjoying sunshine and mango's presence. we had fun. as almost every day. last two days are too cloudy, there was some yummy rain for our garden and all thirsty land.

before yesterday, in the morning when i started our spaceship i could see just black screen. at first i thought negative thoughts, but not for long, i said to myself i have power to change my mind and think only positive thoughts, so i did and it was so easy....yeah, view was gone, so me and mango decided and next day got a new flat bigger screen, and when we start spaceship again it was back to normal. we are still glad for having the bigger view option...

me and mango are enjoying and sharing many yummy fruits: durians, cherries, mangoes, lychees, watermelon, rock melon, nectarines, grapes, avos, cucumbers, tomatoes.

garden is turning into jungle. today mango found first slightly red tomato. 

life is amazing,
fruit flower
fruit flower

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