Monday, July 26, 2010


what is an enema? enema is known as one of the most easiest and natural ways of getting ones colon cleaned. it is a form of laxative, a popular remedy for constipation.

this is what i read on some webpage, yes, there is a lot of information about enemas in the cyber world, and so whoever is interested can google and read on..

are enemas truly one of the easiest and most natural ways of getting our colon cleaned?

i don't think so. this is just one of many misleading pieces of information. i myself, on the contrary, perceive enemas as unnatural ways of getting ones bowel movements in order. enemas are a quick fix solution, and that is why it is so popular, especially among natural health seekers.

yes, it is true, that it's not through clogging our colon for years that our bodily systems function correctly, but rather through having clean and correctly functioning intestines.

only thanks to inappropriate unnatural diet does the intestine become a fertile environment for creation of harmful toxins. therefore the intestines do not function properly and the result is constipation. i've observed that in most cases, constipated people use some form of laxative, but that is not a healthy solution, because regular using of laxatives is drastic, addictive/habit-forming and worsens the intestinal activity/function, this is also called a lazy intestine.

in most cases of constipation or body cleansing-detox enemas or some other kinds of laxative are recommended, but that is not the right way, it is an unnatural way, drastic and forceful.

the natural way of cleaning, and keeping clean, ones intestines, is with a right natural diet.

it has been for many years a proven fact, that laxatives, including enemas, are not natural ways to clean the intestines, as is often recommended in expert literature, but rather the solution is through a natural diet. only through a natural diet of raw fresh fruit can we correctly and naturaly wash out all deposits/sediments from our intestines, and our body can work freely on boosting the immune system, improve function of all bodily systems, abolish/eliminate constipation and hemeroids, improve skin condition, and diminish the pressure on blood vessels and the kidneys.

A healthy large intestine delivers nutrition and energy, and that is very difficult when the intestines are clogged for years on end, full of partially petrified excrement. therefore our bloodstream becomes invaded with a great many toxins, which is very taxing on our bodily systems and general health, as the body has to constantly work very hard with toxin elimination.

if one wishes to eliminate the course of illness, it is wise to start with clean intestines and keep them clean via a natural diet. so our body is not a dump of toxic rubbish, but on the contrary a clean environment which supplies our body with nutrition and provides strong immunity against illness.

people who don't take good care of their health via eating unnatural unhealthy food, and hardly moving around, suffer constipation and ill health. After adopting the right diet, they may eliminate up to several kilograms of, many years old, fecal matter.

coffee enema causes coffee addiction.

An enema is an enemy of a healthy lifestyle.

raw fresh fruit are friends of a healthy lifestyle.

proper fasting or juice feasting is also very beneficial for achieving clean intestines.

my mum has been suffering from chronic constipation for at least 40 years. she is skinny, but her stomach is big as if she was 7 months pregnant. a few years ago her doctor sent her for hydro colon therapy, where they by unnatural force cleaned up some of her intestine, and she was raving on about how much better she felt and she was clearly on top of the world, i told her no wonder you feel so much better they got a lot of rubbish out from you, but you may have the same or even bigger problems with constipation after such drastic treatment. and it didn't take long, until she was telling me that i was right. yeah, she took a long and difficult path to understand that only raw fresh fruit gives her the best results. she is far from being fruitarian, but she has increased her daily fruit intake, including her favorite; freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. i was so happy for her when i finally heard her say: "yeah raw fresh fruit works for me the best".

the definition of constipation

Incomplete, infrequent or difficult passage of stools, commonly caused by lack of fiber in the diet. Other causes include disruption of routine diet and overuse of laxatives.

dyschezia - difficulty in defecating (usually as a consequence of long continued voluntary suppression of the urge to defecate)

paw paw fruit is getting ready :)

rambutans dragonfruit and yellow sapote full of color of life and yummy sweetness made by mother earth sunshine rain stars and moon g'day my sweet magic fruit i wish you lovely afternoon :)


Esmee La Fleur said...

Thank you for this long post on this subject, Kveta.

As long as I eat the food that is right for my body (fruit) I am not constipated. I have usilized coffee enemas again recently not for constipation, but to aid liver detoxification. I actually wait to do my enema until after I have had a bowel movement in the morning. I do not plan to use them indefinitely, but just to facilitate the detoxification I am experiencing during the initial phase of my adoption of a fruit-based diet. I have never been able to drink caffienated beverages of any kind without getting sick. Coffee enemas do not have this effect on me. I have used them off and on for 20 years as I felt I needed them while struggling with my health problems. Now that I have finally found the fruity path, I expect this will likely be the end of my ever needing to do them in the future. Nevertheless, I am glad for the help they have given me. We must each do what feels right to us and I respect your own experience and knowledge tremdously and I appreciate you taking the time to comment on this subject. I am glad you mother is finding her way down the fruity path also. She is blessed to have your example.

Love & Light, Esmée

Esmee La Fleur said...

Kveta, do you have any thoughts on teeth sensitivtiy in relation to a fruit diet? I think having braces as a child really affected the enamel on my teeth, but it is also very difficult for me to find truly ripe fruit. But even sweet fruits can make my teeth hurt. :( Have your teeth ever bothered you during your 24 years as a fruitarian?

Thanks, Esmée

kveta said...

dear esmee,

thank you for sharing your story.

i believe in whatever case, whether it be constipation or detoxification, that enema is not a natural solution but on the contrary very damaging. well, i wont repeat myself, as i wrote that on my recent enema blog post.

i wish you all the best on your fruitarian path.

love and peace,

kveta said...

dear esmee,

sorry, i can't help you here, as i've never had such problems.


Marti said...

Hello, I used to own a fruit and vegetables business since I was 14 years old and planted fruit trees too, so my comment carries the weight of research, knowledge and experience- not to mention my taste buds. The picture that you showed here for paw paw is that of a papaya. There is a misconception that the two fruits are one and the same when not even the trees look alike or grow in the same planting zones. I am familiar with both trees (technically, the papaya tree is not a tree but a plant- the paw paw is a tree). The two fruits are not even related and when you cut both in half, the papaya flesh is orange with small and round seeds (like 3/16"), while the paw paw has white flesh with big, long black seeds. The papaya fruit grows ONLY from the trunk, while the paw paw grows from the branches. The leaves of the paw paw are poisonous unlike those of the papaya. You can see the papaya in this website: and the paw paw in this other: Could you please make the correction so school children doing research do no get the wrong information?