Sunday, October 24, 2010

spring and river

the second month of spring is almost over, and i am having a lot of fruity fun i am enjoying my life much more, since having become fruitarian. i am feeling blessed to be one, and during the last 5 years sharing my happy fruity days with another one, sweet fruitarian mango. together we love to share fruit, our garden, swimming and a lot of other fun.

the winter time was nice and hot throughout the days, and even nights and early mornings were warm enough, but the beauty of the spring is, that temperatures rise up and it is even warmer, and that, i love.

i also love to swim in our near by barron river, and with warmer days and nights of advanced spring the river is warmer as well, and i can stay in for much longer and swim much further up the river. i love swimming up stream, against the strong current, observing the banks of the river on my way. adoring the new luscious green colors the spring has painted on the brand new tree leaves, and all the plants are growing more vigorously showing off their new radiant green hues. and i enjoy floating down the river, and until i feel cold and swim again. and as i swim and float, observing the river banks, i see new birds nests. i've noticed that birds are more busy chirpy and more of them. such scenes give me euphoric giggles. the sky is always marvelous and full of beauty. yeah, water is a big passion in my life. i don't drink water, i never feel thirsty, i get all my pure water full of life from raw fresh fruit. yum. i don't drink water, but it is still an essential part of my life, i need water to swim in, and i have lived near water for over 20 years.

with warmer temperatures the mighty fruit is getting more sweet and that is another exciting part of spring.

me and mango we both love often pineapple and orange, also often pineapple orange grapefruit, at times pineapple orange grapefruit mandarin, at times pineapple orange grapefruit mandarin tangerine, juice and it is almost always our first meal of the day we share. very rarely it is watermelon. mango usually wakes up earlier than me, and he eats an avocado or two. if i ate an avocado as my first meal of the day, i would feel sick for the rest of that day. i can handle to eat avocado only during the late afternoon. watermelon is coming into season, and we recently got our first ones, from the first harvest of our friend farmer j, we visit him once a week, for a chat and to buy some fruit, mainly tomatoes and cucumbers. we eat and drink a box of each weekly. well, lately it is only me who is drinking tomato juice, mango prefers to eat them. so when i make for us cucumber juice i also make 1/2 a litre of tomato juice for myself. i drink almost 1 liter of cucumber juice and soon after tomato. mango has at times only 1/2 liter of cucumber juice, at times he has almost one liter like me. and it is very rare for us to skip our another favorite meal of the day, blended paw paw, usually we share almost 1 litre each. often we share tomato cucumber red and green pepper avocado salad, at times with red hot chili pepper. me and mango we share most of our meals. he may have some avocado alone, and me rarely one or two bananas. i used to be a big banana muncher in my first fruitarian days, more than 23 year ago, i could easily eat twenty bananas a meal a few times a day, plus some other fruit, mainly sweet watermelons, and mangoes when in season. back to the present, me and mango at times love to share whole frozen durian from thailand, because the local durian is not in season yet, and we enjoy sharing grama chamas, tree grapes, white sapote (another fruit on top of our favorite fruit list), ice cream beans, grapes, rock melon, water melon. ready to eat tamarind from the tree in our garden is falling down, but it's first fruit is still a bit sour for me, so i leave it for others. mango is having a little bit of it, most of them are given away.

the mangoes on local mango trees are getting bigger and some of them are even beginning to show their lovely orange colours.

life is beautiful

ready to peal and cut into salad

colorful fruit ready to peal and cut into yummy salad

me at fruitopia

me at fruitopia

i am selecting fresh organic fruit

i am in my element while choosing freshly picked fruit for us

i am swimming

i am swimming smiling

me and water

me and river

i love swimming

i love swimming

mango and his rocks

mango is having river rock fun

mango and his water rocks

mango and his water rocks art

beauty of the river bank

natural beauty of the river bank

mighty barron river

mighty barron river


Julie Groenewald said...

Dear Kveta♥

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of the river, and the fruits.

You guys just do not know how blessed you are♥


i must also agree with you that avocados do not appeal to me in the mornings, some days even, they are very rich for me, but helps me get over cravings... i enjoy them mostly in winter times.

take care

fruity greetings


Anonymous said...

Hello Kveta,

I am a raw vegan in the UK - no danger of crocodiles I presume in your beautiful location - I reallly have little idea at all?

Best wishes,


kveta said...

dear jules,

thank you for the compliment on the photos.

me and mango we are well aware, and we are counting our blessings.

i always reach the point when i have to have a break from avocado. if i eat it for too long i would eventually get digestive problems, but just one day avocado free puts everything back into order. i have this "problem" only with avocados, durian and akee are perfectly fine with me.

enjoy all you do,
fruity love,

kveta said...

dear philip,

it is always great to hear about new raw vegans.

lol, no crocodile danger in our area, they are on and near the coast, we are about 50 km away from them, on the tablelands, where natural waters are safe to swim in.

enjoy your raw vegan existence,
fruitful wishes,

NutsForFruit said...

I want to say that I envy you, but most of all I wish to express my happiness for you both. What a beautiful place you live in, living such an amazing yet simple life. Keep living the dream :) Best wishes...aisling

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