Saturday, December 18, 2010

summer and me

the beautiful summer has arrived on time, here in hot tropical far north queensland. spring was hot, but summer didn't hesitate and showed me it's powers straight from the start. and yes, i love it. summertime is my beloved part of the year.

it is a year now since i moved up to mareeba, leaving the big city sydney behind me, and it was a great change, my life is more enjoyable. how? i don't feel comfortable when temperatures drop under 25 degrees celsius. and i love raw fresh fruit to eat and i get a bigger choice of variety and quality up here in the hot tropics.

talking about fruit, the mangoes have been in season since the beginning of december and i love to blend them and drink them. so far the mangoes on our table are free, they are lying everywhere under mighty mango trees. mango is harvesting them and i am preparing sweet yummy drinks for us.

on our weekly trip to our friend j and his family, to get fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, and at time some other fruit as well, there are several jack fruit trees, and when we are passing them by i never forget to admire them. at times i have said: "mango, we should stop here one day and get some jack fruit, it looks like no one is harvesting them, they are always some composting away under the trees." two weeks ago, on our way from j, close to the jack fruit trees a man was on the front of his property, mango stopped our car and asked the man if we could harvest some jack fruit from his tree, the man replied: " go for it, take as many as you like". so while i was chatting with the friendly man, mango went to the huge jack fruit tree only a few meters away, i was surprised, because i never noticed it, it was a bit hidden behind other trees. the tree was blessed with abundance of huge jack fruit. mango harvested two of them, soft and ready to eat, and he joined our chat. we are welcome to harvest jack fruit at any time, so we got one yesterday. j also gave us yesterday one watermelon, eleven pineapples, some capsicum, tomatoes and lychee's for free.

i am having fruitarian fun under the hot tropical summer sun.

life is beautiful

summer fruit

nice bunch of mangoes on the tree in our garden, the beauty of summer fruit

mango in oz bush

mango is chatting with grass tree on our way to have a swim..


me after several swims in davis creek, enjoying last minutes before leaving back for home.

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