Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fruit glorious fruit

is mine and mango's daily yummy food.

since the end of last year when we moved from the east coast of sydney to the inland of tropical far north queensland and settled in mareeba, we have been leading a more joyful existence. the weather is warm all year round so we can swim whenever we like to and the fruit is more sweet and tasty and also we get much more variety.

yummy oranges

our stock of oranges... we love
raw fresh orange juice for breakfast.

we live in a fruit growing area where fruit is plentiful, there are not only big fruit farms, but also small growers, selling fruit at local markets, but also almost every garden has at least one or several fruit trees growing. i love the sight of fruit trees at any time of year but when they're flowering and fruiting, that is truly a special treat for me.

the early varieties of mango trees are now fully in the bloom and that scene never ceases to excite me. the mango tree in our garden has begun showing it's first flowers and i am observing it daily, awaiting for more mango flowers to show of their delicate beauty.. and looking forward to the mango season, so i can again and again eat their juicy sweet deliciousnesses.

and before the fresh raw mangoes arrive on our table and into our blood streams, we're enjoying almost daily blended yellow and red paw paw, pumpkin and tomato juice, orange juice, black sapote (chocolate pudding fruit) as is, or mushed with banana kiwi and avocado sometimes, and sometimes cherries, akee, durian, sweet lemons, mandarins, cherimoyas (custard apples), juiced tomato and cucumber and i almost forgot our almost daily cucumber tomato avocado mix with or without chili. and very often we munch on passion fruit as well.

today we finally made it and visited the farm of a sweet couple j and r, they have the most yummy tomatoes in the area we know of, they sell their fruit and veg at the local markets, but not every weekend, so me and mango asked them if we can get fruit straight from their farm and we were very pleased when they said yes. so i was in fruity awe, when we arrived at their fruit and veg farm and only a few seconds after mango parked our car next to a big shed, j and r, came out and we greeted each other with smiles.. and they said we came at the right time, as tomatoes and some other goodies had just been picked. you see, we had been trying to arrange a time by phone, both land-line and mobiles, but it didn't really work for us because none of us are thinking much about phones.. so today on monday we got a mobile message: come any time during the weekend, I had been feeling all weekend that we should just go there, so we decided to just go, there and then, and see what happens... yeah, we got two boxes of mainly tomatoes and a few cucumbers, zucchini and one red capsicum. we also discussed what me and mango love to eat, and we were promised some paw paw and passion-fruit next time as well. we also know now when the best time is, to come for our fresh raw fruit shopping so we don't need to worry about the phones :) and there is another bonus the fruit is also at a very good price and organic.. :)

tomato zucchini and cucumber box

freshly picked tomato zucchini and cucumber from the organic farm

tomato capsicum cucumber box

another box of yummy fruit: tomato capsicum cucumber

we are also getting some very tasty fruit form our lovely next door neighbours ch and g, they often come to our door with passion-fruit, pumpkins, very sweet paw paws, and lately australian native bush cucumbers. sometimes we get freshly cut flowers as well.. we don't pick flowers, but if someone give us some we take them and i take the best care of them i can. today when we arrived from our fruit and veg organic farm adventure, we were nicely surprised by paw paws and orchid flowers sitting in wheelbarrow next to our house, the freshly cut flowers were in a bucket of water.. mango said i can grow them from the cuttings once they stop flowering, and i was not sure about it, so he asked ch, when he went to return the wheelbarrow, and she said yes, it is possible, so i was happy that 'll be able to grow lovely flowers from the beautiful bunch we got..

gift from neighbours

sweet surprise gift from our next door neighbours: paw paw and orchid flowers

we are also getting some free fruit from fruitopia mostly passion-fruit and akee and rarely avocados and jackfruit.. and we are always welcomed to eat any fruit from their communal kitchen table..

and at times we get some free fruit from our local markets from our regular fruit and veg stall holders, at times it can be a full box of ready to eat paw paws yum!

and last but not least we get the most yummy fruit from our garden, so far we only have cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers, but pumpkins and pawpaws are on their way, most of the other fruit are just baby tree seedlings..

and yes, well, the almost forgotten supermarkets: we get occasional/rare specials, like lately very tasty and cheep oranges, not so cheep but yummy cherries, kiwi, avocado or grapes..

oh, i love talking and thinking about fruit and yes, i love to drink and eat it too, and the best is sharing it with mango and at times with others..

fruit glorious fruit, so beautiful and yummy, so easy to love love love...

orchid flowers oranges bush cucumbers chili

a tiny corner in our kitchen full of natural beauty: orchid flowers and bush cucumbers a gift from our neighbours, chili from fruitopia and oranges from the supermarket

life is beautiful


Cosmic said...

Indeed it is for you guys, Kveta!

Bella! Bella! Bella!

Lovely post thanks for sharing:)

Fruity Blessings to you both:)


kveta said...

yeah, indeed.. bella!.. our life has not always been such beauty, we've both had a few revelations that brought big and positive changes to our lives. when we met we both knew what we wanted from life and miraculously we both want the same :) and that is marvelous..

i am glad you enjoyed my fruity post, thanks for reading

fruitful blessings to you dear cosmic :)))

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