Thursday, October 7, 2010

spring and mango

beautiful, glorious spring has been with us over one month now. oh, yeah, i love spring time with its bounty of cascades of flowers, full of life, showing off their lovely scent exquisite colors and various shapes. the truth is there are plenty of delicate flowers to admire all year round, but the spring is the most generous flower season of the year.

the most exciting for me are the flowering fruit trees and later on when tiny fruits are developing into fully grown sweet and juicy yummies. that's the beauty of living in hot tropics of far north queensland, there are always fruit trees flowering and fruiting.

mango trees already celebrated early spring with bunches of tiny flowers which within a few weeks had transformed into cute baby mango fruits. well, it's exciting watching them growing bigger over time until finally they reach their full size and color. some yellow, some deep orange, some light orange, and some with grassy green skins but once the skin is pealed and the fruit is ready to eat, bursting with sweet mango nectar, a bright orange color shines through like the summer sun. i love to watch my food developing on mighty fruit trees. it is so much more fun, than going and buying them in shops not even knowing how the plant they came from looks like. the best way for me to obtain my food, raw fresh fruit, is to grow my own fruit trees and harvest fruit from them, or second best, to eat fruit i've harvested from trees of my friends who love nature and don't use any harmful chemicals on their land.

or support other local fruit growers, producing their fruit with love and care, and buy yummy fruit from them. me and mango we do it all, we are growing some fruit in our garden, we get some from our friends, and we buy some at the local fruit markets. the fruit is of great quality and not expensive. at times we get free fruit presents as well.

there are a lot of beautiful events arriving with spring time and i may write more about them in my next post. now it's time to go out and enjoy it.

flowering mango tree
cute mango flowers

mango fruit and pumpkins
baby mangoes and ready to eat pumpkins

mango fruit
sweet baby mangoes and bright blue skies

healthy mango
healthy trees produce healthy fruit

new shiny life
new shiny life on old mango tree

supermarket oranges on special
me and bunch of oranges. at times we get our fruit from supermarket, this time yummy oranges on good special. yeah, loads of fresh raw orange juice ahead :)))


jay said...

Kveta, its so nice that you can see the fruit growing on the tree - I can feel your anticipation! I do love mangoes but obviously not many (if any) grown locally here in Adelaide. If I could visit anywhere it would have to be Cairns or Mareeba, it seems all my favourite fruits come from there. Thankfully I have planted a nectarine which appears to be producing fruit, and I have plans to plant more fruit trees here in the future :) Please keep writing, I love reading.

Cosmic said...

oo I'm drooling!

Great pics, kveta:) never met anyone who looked so serenely- beautiful as you do in a supermarket, you GLOW(must be the high vibrational fruit energy:)


kveta said...

dear jay,

thank you for posting. i am very surprised that in adelaide it's so rare to spot mango trees. i found a very nice one searching on the web, you may visit one day in real life

you've got a nice plan, to grow more fruit trees, as well as already taking care of one sweet nectarine :)))

if you ever came visit far north queensland come and see us for a tropical fruit picnic or two..

i had a look at your blog, you have a very busy life and a cute little boy.

enjoy life,

kveta said...

dear cosmic,

thank you for the lovely compliment. i also think that raw fresh fruit gives a special glow. that's how it is easy for me to recognize other fruitarians. they are very lean and bright eyed. :))) as you well said glowing with high vibrational fruit energy.

enjoy all you do,

ps: glad that you like my pic's thanks

jay said...

Thanks for the link Kveta, I heard that they have been grown in Melbourne which is even colder. I meant more that I haven't ever seen any for sale in the market that are grown locally. I have been thinking of saving some seeds but now I will really do some research and get it started!
I also have a passionfruit vine, blackberry, lemons, navel oranges and an almond tree as well as my sweet little dwarf nectarine.
I am transitioning to a fruitarian diet (hard because of family pressure) but I find it so helpful to have your and Mango's blogs to read. Any word on when the documentary will be ready?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta,
I have stopped by once before, but wanted to thank you for the lovely gift of your words, both here and on fruit revolution. This cyber world can be so anonymous, but I want you to know that you have touched me deeply.

I have finally rounded the corner of calling myself a fruitarian and being fully committed to it, knowing in spirit and body that I am doing it. And your words, and the legacy of discussions and journals really crystalized my own feelings. Somehow it helps me see my own thoughts more clearly to read so many other's:) So, I just wanted you to know what a great work you put out to the world, and that it's appreciated now, and will be so in the future too:)

Happy Winter Solstice and holiday season to you and Mango.

Lots of love, blessings and appreciation from me,

kveta said...

dear jay,

sorry, i am so late with my answer to your post. i somehow overlooked it.

the beginnings of a fruitarian path are usually difficult for most, mainly because of the pressure from others. just be faithful to your beliefs and you will succeed.

enjoy your fruit and plant those yummy mangoes :)

the documentary is still in the process of very busy bee, director emile. hopefully it is close to completion.


kveta said...

dear sunmaiden,

i remember you, by your nice name.

thank you for a sweet and kind note.

i am always happy to hear from a new fruitarian joining in to benefit all life including their own.

i wish you success on you sweet and joyful path.

i am also glad, that i and other fruitlings inspire your way of life.

you also enjoy the winter solstice holidays and all the best for the new year 2011

kveta and mango