Sunday, July 25, 2010


hello, my blog readers :)

i am sending your way yummy sunny greetings, enjoy the beauty of summer activities, which accompanied with refreshing and cooling melon watermelon, will intensify the beauty of your summer existence, and as a bonus will help you melt down your worries, and fill up your bones with health and your soul with joy.

your fruity bloger

life is beautiful

my mum is enjoying watermelon (turkey 2009). the oranges are my breakfast and i had already eaten a big plate of watermelon triangles

melon watermelon art in my kitchen :)


Unknown said...

Dear Kveta,

I am soon going to Turkey. Do you have any advice for me as a fruitarian on where to go, what sorts of fruits to look out for, and where to purchase fruit? Thanks!! I love your blog, I always look forward to checking in whenever I have internet access.
With love,

kveta said...

dear lindsay,

i have been in turkey only once here is the link for my turkey holiday blog:

i was very pleased with the fruit, it was fresh very tasty cheap and everywhere. i hope you have the same experience and i wish you an unforgeable sweet holiday.

i am glad you enjoy my blog, i'd like to write more, but my big passion for reading gets in the way.. :) yet, i am working on it