Sunday, September 12, 2010

our fruitfull life

is yummy and sweet just like most of our fruit is. sweet as the best quality of the mighty durian. mango says i am a good girl :))) that is also sweet. well, life is guaranteed to be sweet when two sweet soul twins, are sharing the fruitarian lifestyle, eating fruit and only fruit day after day after day, and not getting sick of it, on the contrary, we as time goes by are falling in love with it, and not only with sweet tasty fruit, but also with each other.

sweet mango has finally, after a long break, gotten into writing his raw vegan fruitarian book, he is writing almost every early morning, and at times on and off throughout the day, at least for a month now. he is very pleased about it. so am i.

mango is also very pleased with me, and i am very pleased with myself, because i have also gotten into writing my own raw vegan fruitarian book, which i began writing a few years ago already, but then i lost all texts due to a big bang on my laptop, where the old one died and new one was born in some computer factory and we bought it on ebay, well, to be precise, mango did because i am not very computer savvy. loosing my texts was not easy for me, and it took me a while before i got into writing again. i believe that mango's great example inspired me. i am writing now mostly during the mornings and at times a bit throughout the day and also occasionally at night. i am enjoying it more than ever, and always when i finish my writing session my spirit rejoices in euphoric glory. i am writing in english, and i am going to translate the whole book into my mother tongue, czech language.

what else is new? well, our old car, a toyota camry made in the year 1990, is having some technical difficulties, we were told at a garage that fixing it would cost a lot of money and therefore we were lately looking for a better second hand car. it was not as simple as it may seem, i am very fussy and i would not have a sedan, i like only station wagons, on top of it, i need an automatic and power steering, not out of fuss, but it is required by law, because of my disability, i drive with the help of hand controls. we are lucky we have an expert for such modifications right here in mareeba. well, we have been looking for a car for a while and there was always something missing on the ones advertised in our local paper, or as is popular here on the side of the road. and one night, just as i was loosing patience, being no longer able to drive the old toyota, due to the power steering being a bit stiff, and i love driving, and the break from it was is getting a bit long, i thought to myself, i hope that our new car arrives soon, i am sick of looking for it, i want if off my mind. and guess what, the next day, after me and mango returned from our joyful swim in the near by river, mango was looking in the local paper he had collected from our mailbox, and soon after he said to me: "look there are two cars for sale" i looked at the adverts and my intuition made a choice for me, i could feel that one of those cars is ours. i said to mango: "please ring about this one" while pointing out on ad for a daewoo nubira station wagon, and he did, and after a short chat, i was not happy with all the info he gained, so i rang as well, got the info i needed and off we drove to a garage in atherton, about 30km away, where our new car was having a windscreen changed, it had had a rock flying in accident. as soon we arrived and i saw the car i said ok, we are bying it, i fully believed my strong intuition plus the car was exactly what was on my mind, lol. the owner was a typical aussie friendly easy going guy, and the whole transaction was easy and without fuss. because the car was not registered, but had road worthy papers, registering would be easy, but until it was, the car could not legally drive on the road. as luck had it, the car owner had his towing trailer with him as he had towed his car from ravenshoe in order to have his windscreen replaced, about 30km distanced from atherton. well, i asked him if he could tow the car to the mareeba car registry office, and he said yes, he had brought with him all the necessary papers as well. so we gave him our mobile number, then we drove to the bank and got the cash out, went back to see the guy, gave him some deposit and off we were on the way back to our home, picked up the forms at mareeba car registry, and at home, having fruit juice, waiting for his call, drinking juice filling up the forms and it didn't take long, he said he is almost there, so we jumped in the car, went into the office continued filling out the required forms, and when we finished, mango went and began processing them with the clerk, and very soon the car owner arrived, he gave us the papers needed to finish it all, mango gave him the money and taking the car from the trailer said his goodbyes and left. after a few minutes all the paper work was done, and mango was driving our new car and i followed him in our old one. mango said the car is very smooth powerful and easy to drive.

this story reminds me of my strong intuition, and how important it is for me to follow it, to enjoy smooth path of my existence. i don't need to worry about anything, just be, live in the moment, with faith, that all i need is going to be surely provided.

me and mango are often swimming in the river, not far from our house, and it is always a great adventure. i love to swim on my back, looking at the skies and trees, butterflies, dragonflies etc. the river current has lost some of it's strength so i can swim much further, exploring new natural beauties along the way. and it was mango who noticed first a big wild fig tree very close to the river, loaded with still green fruit.

sun is shinning and love is growing, so are fruit trees in our garden.

me and mango, we are enjoying raw fresh fruit and we are drinking most of it, red or yellow papaya is on our menu almost daily since we moved up to tropical north, we also have daily orange juice, at times it is citrus fruit, made of mandarine, grapefruit and orange mix, at times only orange grapefruit, or orange mandarin. we also drink often orange pineapple juice, at times we mix banana in it as well. sometimes we have tomatoe or tomatoe cucumber juice. i am sure we are drinking other fruits but i can't think of any at the moment. we are eating avocados mixed with tomatoe and cucumber all pealed. at times we add red hot chilli as well. occasionally we enjoy jackfruit, black sapote, yellow sapote, and mighty durian. yum, yum, yum.

all is good in our fruitfull fruity life,

life is beautiful

sweet coffee berries

i am harvesting sweet coffee berries

coffee berries are ready

me and coffee berries at mareeba

fruitopia in red

fruitopia in red

me and my bed

i am reading from my laptop in our living room big bed


Cosmic said...

I'm envious Kveta (obviously very happy for you both for following your hearts:)


Julie Groenewald said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey Kveta♥

It is always inspiring to hear from you and Mango♥

Take care xxx


sunmaiden said...

Hi Kveta,

I have been reading and loving your blog for some time now and am finally stepping into cyberspace to leave you a big grateful thank you as a comment. I left one for you and Mango at his blog too. You are an inspiration, both with your fruity ways and your wonderful, open writing about your life, diet and communication with your intuition. I learn so much, and am encouraged too. As an aspiring fruitarian, I have benefited greatly and gratefully from your words. Thanks for sharing your joy with the world!

Love and joy,

Unknown said...

Dear Kveta

I have been followıng Mango and your adventure for some tıme now as well as havıng my own fruıty adventure :) I have been feelıng ın my heart a great desıre to vısıt Australıa and to meet people who follow a fruıtarıan lıfestyle. I wıll be comıng to Australıa ın November wıth my husband. I would lıke very much to meet you. Would you lıke to meet me?
wıth love

kveta said...

hi, cosmic,

i am glad you are happy for me and mango, and make sure your are also happy for yourself :)))

take care, enjoy all you do,

kveta said...

hello, grapegirl julie,

it is nice to see you again, it's great you are getting inspired from me and mango :)))

i visit your also very inspiring blog.

have a very sweet day,

kveta said...

hello sunmaiden,

i love your name :)

thank you for sharing such sweet words about my and mango's blog. i am glad you have benefited greatly from our words.

may love peace and fruit be with you,

kveta said...

hello, lindsay,

thank you for following my and mango's blog. i visited your blog this morning for the first time and i read your very interesting report on dates. i am not a very big fan of them, they are yummy, but not juicy enough for me, but i would love to visit the place you did and eat them straight from the palms.

wow, this is exciting news that you and your husband are planning to visit australia (for how long?), fulfilling one of your dreams :))) it would be nice to meet up with you two, you are very welcome to visit us.

love and fruit,

Esmee La Fleur said...

I am currently re-reading Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan about the Aboriginal Tribe known as the Real People. Every morning they arise and spend 15 minutes together praying to The Universe and thanking it for providing them with all that they need. They are never, ever disappointed. Your story of how your new car has come to you is along the same lines. Thank you for sharing. Love & Light, Esmée

Your fruity friend Bamboo said...

I love reading your fruity blog, it makes me happy to know that i have fruity friends.
Do you know this tube ?

Love to you and Mango


kveta said...

hi, esmee la fleur,

thank you, for your interesting comment on australian original people. their culture is very fascinating to me. i haven't read the book you mentioned, but i do a lot of similar stuff naturally from within myself.

love and light right back at you :)

kveta said...

hello bamboo,

it is great to "see" you again :)

i am glad, that my blog is making you happy, i am sure that the raw fresh fruit in your bloodstream is also a part of it.

enjoy all you do, happy fruity friend.


Unknown said...

Dear Kveta!

thank you for looking at my blog! I have since discontinued it awhile ago because my family found out about it...and where less than pleased. Oh well, it is more important to keep the peace. We will arrive in Brisbane on October 12th. We are planning on going to Freelee's birthday party, and then I'm not sure where. My email is, maybe we can talk more about visiting you there.

kveta said...

dear lindsay,

yes, peace is important, but for peace of your mind is important your freedom via assertiveness. you know what is best for you no one else. i hope you one day return to your lovely blog.

enjoy freelee's birthday and me and mango are looking forward to meet up with you later on as well.

love & fruit,