Thursday, July 10, 2008

the true energy drink

is fresh raw fruit drink made from raw fresh and healthy fruit.  mono, or mixed.  today me and mango enjoyed some very yummy


07:10 orange 3dl(mango only)
09:10 orange 5dl
14:10 orange avocado 5dl
18:00 orange 5dl

all delicious, original and very giving. oranges are now in full season very yummy juicy and cheap:15kg box 10 oz $. oh, i observed that many  people would say yes to raw fresh orange juice, i love to see when someone is having raw fresh juice the first time and they say: "oh, this is so much nicer than the bottled one!" with written amazement all over his/hers face and i happily reply: "yeah, nothing can beat raw & fresh, fresh is the best". at almost always interesting  conversation related to food continue...raw fresh orange juice is super boost for all especially  in


when there is less of warmth and sunlight, oranges come to us like yummy tiny suns giving us light, and joy, the evidence of wellness. sydney in oz cooled down a lot; yesterday only freezing 13+ and today 14, i could see it in the sky before it arrived, yeah, snowy mountains got 70 cm of snow and tiny bit landed at blue mountains. i am happy i am far away from the snow zone, with glass of life and sun energy; raw fresh orange juice in my hand. it is worthwhile and all i can think of is how


citrus bliss

citrus bliss (oranges, mandarines, grapefruits and me, waiting in my shoebox for mango to join my life, few winters ago, oh, sweet memories...oh, sweet presence...

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