Sunday, July 6, 2008

life is sweet

with yummy raw fresh fruit drinks i shared with sweet mango:

07:30 orange  3dl
08:30 orange avocado banana 5dl
11:30 tomato avocado chili     2.5dl
15:10 orange avocado  banana 5dl
17:30 orange avocado cherimoya

we both enjoyed them all. yum. yum. yummy, yummy yum. yum. yum. :)

day was warm sunny and very calm so truly lovely winter day, so we spend few morning hours under the sun, gardening and then relaxing after delicious tomato, avocado, chili drink, on lawn next to our garden,  while  sun  was  pouring  on to us  it's  magic  powers.  pure fruitful bliss.

we had busy day and relaxing night.

lately, at times, mango did plant some cute baby avocado trees from our garden in near by public green areas.  garden is always full of surprises and beautiful, just like the sky, children...etc.

i love the special places where raw fresh fruit drinks take me...

P5210071.jpg fruit th picture by Fruitarian

... sweet memories: some delicious fruit me and mango shared few years ago in thailand.

P6070337.jpg lucky me picture by Fruitarian
mango, rambutan, mangosteen, lychees, and me. (thailand)

love is beautiful

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