Wednesday, July 30, 2008

durians, pineaples, strawberries,

paw paws, oranges, pomellos, bananas, golden kiwis, rock melons, tomatoes, libanise cucumbers, chillies, all fully enjoyed by me and mango on our yummy fruity fruitful feasts.  yum, yum, yum...i am enjoying my fruitarian soul and path.

after nice sunny warm days some cold and not so sunny but showery days arrived. and temperatures only around 14+, that is freezing...that is going to dramatically change for  me  as  only  in  three days i should be landing in 30+hot prague, visiting my family (some) and some friends for 6 weeks. i am going miss sweet mango, australia (even the winter one), and  yummy  durians.

i am sleeping a lot lately, at times for 12 hours.

life is sweet

Picture153.jpg picture by Fruitarian

my sweet mum and sweet mango (czech summer 2006)
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