Monday, July 21, 2008

fruity fruitful days

passing by one by one, everyone unique and special and full of very yummy raw fresh fruitful treats, since my last post me and mango we are enjoyed many and  very very tasty durians, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies, paw paws, some mandarins, and drinking raw fresh crimson grapes, pineapple orange banana mix, pomelo orange mix, (new and i love it, oh there is always something new in fruit world) orange, orange grapefruit mix.

yeah, me and mango we got some grapefruits, only later on we discovered they are pomelos, so we decided to juice them, and they are so delicious in mix with oranges, it is now my citrus favorite drink, yum, after first sip i fell in love. durians, lately popular breakfast in bed,  are as usual very amazing with many magic and most yummy flavors, at times i get in every small bite a new flavor, and they all take me to my childhood or babyhood...sweet sweet durian.

me and sweet mango, we had sweet sunny busy days, and relaxing nights. i slept more than usual, as part of some healing in my legs, i could also feel some healing sensations, i think that winter time (cold) is slowing my healing progress.

life is beautiful

DSC05222.jpg DSC05222.JPG picture by Fruitarian
i have a new friend, said mango...
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KT said...

Kveta, I had durian today for the first time! It is delicious, I love it. I've never tasted anything like it before. The flavor is very unusual. I bought it at an Asian market, it was frozen durian pods. Do you mix it with other fruits?

kveta said...

wow, this is awesome are lucky you find durian delicious. we mix durian only when (rarely)it is not very sweet and tasty or not so creamy consistency...blended in orange juice or grape juice. it is very tasty...

enjoy the durian bliss!k