Saturday, July 12, 2008

durian breakfast in bed

was very sweet and tasty, it was bit after 11am not long after i woke up. sun was shining, bit it was freezing, so i was happy i can enjoy peaceful and exciting  breakfast in warm bed, soon after i jumped in to relaxing hot bath followed by at the moment very cold shower and then i joined mango outside, caching some sun powers. not long after i went see friend and it was after 4:30 pm when i arrived  back to  shoebox i was hungry and me and mango shared tomato cucumber and chili yummy mix, and at 6:30 pm we shared 3 tangerines and hour later i had two

i am satisfied with my fruitarian path i have peaceful mind about what and when to eat/drink, free from question marks. i am daily counting my blessings, i love the way raw fresh fruit make me feel. sharing fruitful days with sweet fruitarian mango adding sweetness to my life, as soon as i discovered his website, i new he is the one for me....

life is full of surprises

me picture by Fruitarian

first me and mango ate yummy watermelon while sun basking (naked) by  lovely  lake  on our holiday in  czech  republic summer 2006, then we massaged watermelon juice in to our skin,  and mango helped me apply my watermelon mask. yes, it was hot, almost 40 plus daily...lots and lots of swims, oh, sweet past, oh, sweet present....
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Julie Groenewald said...

This made me smile. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey♥ Jules