Monday, July 7, 2008

the best natural skin care is

raw fresh fruit lifestyle far away from the  least toxic water and air and soil... toxins are everywhere, somewhere more, somewhere less. i love eating fruit and i also love fruit on my skin, one of my many favorites is


oh, i love lemon trees, their flowers and fruit and all. i do not eat/drink lemons as they are not sweet enough for me, but i love lemon bath. . . lemon fragrance. me and mango we are getting fresh lemons from two near by lemon trees. and as always: no lemons in our



07:30 orange 5ld
11:00 orange grapefruit 4dl
13:00 orange banana avocado 5dl
14:45 orange avocado 5dl
17:30 orange avocado 5dl

all very tasty and avocado ones so creamy kind of duriany, yum, yum, yummy, yum! fruitarian bliss with fruitarian friend in sunny morning garden...i am feeling better and better and better bit by bit, constant, mild natural high, from raw fresh fruit drinks.

DSC03158.jpg DSC03158.JPG picture by Fruitarian

me and last summer...

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Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so refreshing, they make me want to go have some sweet delicious fruit. Can you give me your recipe for the drinks with avocado. ..Kay

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Kveta & Kay!
Kay, the avocado drink is pretty simple..we just juice 4 or 5 oranges by hand, then put the juice in a blender together with 1 or 2 avocados, or a banana, or both, and press the blend button.. That's it.. Comes out smooth, sweet and creamy.

KT said...

Thanks Mango, I can't wait to try the OJ and avocado. ... Kay

kveta said...

thank you mango.

how was it kay?