Saturday, July 5, 2008

drinking raw fresh fruit,

yes, the first day of our special drinking raw fresh fruit monthly feast arrived; sunny and yummy...

04:30 orange juice (mango only) 5dl
11:00 pineapple orange banana  7dl
12:15 avocado tomato cucumber 6dl
17:00 orange avocado banana

we also shared lovely sunny late morning in the garden

i was reading almost all day on the internet, oh, reading is for me big passion or addiction? i love to read all my life and lately i am reading a lot on internet as well, and i am missing on time for writing.

i said today to mango some thinks i wanted to say for some time, and i felt great and next time i may speak up sooner. we are growing together and closer. with sweet mango and sweet fruit

life is sweet
blue petunias by kveta

blue petunia 1 by kveta
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