Friday, June 27, 2008

fruitarian report from harley

taken in the same studio with the same lighting and hair cut. a year apart.
ive eaten no salt, seaweed,oil, rancid nuts, honey or gourmet raw etc since october when i finally got responsible with my fat intake and food quality.
both photos im 100% raw. but we can see big variations in a diet that excludes the toxic raw foods... the photo of me in the red jersey is eating a higher fat raw diet. more coco's, nuts, avo, etc plus salt and condiments. the other photo is me liv'n the real raw deal. no gourmet raw food, salt, condiments, rancid nuts etc. eating under 10% of my calories coming from fat. eating over 80% of my calories from carbs ie fruit.  which has given me increased performance on the bike. a recent win in the last 24 hour race i did proved that to myself. ive done a few solo 24 rides now and that was the worst conditions but the easiest physically and mentally.
for those that havent read '80/10/10' by dr douglas reckon your gonna hate me for not telling you sooner about it!

01.jpg 01.jpg picture by Fruitarian

02.jpg 02.jpg picture by Fruitarian

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Unknown said...

> for those that havent read '80/10/10' by dr douglas graham

. Laurie

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