Friday, June 27, 2008

biological war, report from fruitarian alien...

on planet earth, there are so many unwell people of all ages who are dying, suffering long painful deaths after being attacked by biological weapons; the deadly chemicals. they are the cause of cancer, and all illness. the deadly chemicals are abundantly present in all that most earthlings drink and eat, they call it food and  in fact it is not a food, but deadly chemicals, as the only natural food for earthlings is raw fresh fruit, as has been proved by only a very few fruitlings who i have been able to find so far.

destructive and deadly chemicals are also present in cosmetics, cleaning products, clothes, ...etc, yes, they are almost everywhere...planet earth is suffering in the midst of biological war. the daily statistics of death related to illness produced by biological war is high. and before their long painful deaths, they are living in the valley of sadness, lost, without awareness and self.

i also observed that some earthlings are afraid of aliens, i think they should be afraid of their self destructive nature, influenced by toxic weapons of biological war.

at times i wonder; will earthlings find their  way to raw fresh fruit revolution and victory, or will they continue to live in the sufferings of biological war?

Picture126.jpg picture by Fruitarian
my spaceship/one of...

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