Friday, June 6, 2008

an apple a day

while waiting in supermarket check out queue for getting our delicious durians get scanned, the beautiful close up picture of the apple make me pick up the  leaflet saying: why we say an apple a day, wow, i thought this sounds interesting i like to see some


for change, as usually it is negative messages, how fruit is full of pesticides, sugar, or just nutritionless water, teeth enamel destructor,  too much acid, etc., i this time the message was a positive one. this is what i like to see: the positive fruit education. here are some bits and peaces from positive apple education leaflet:

have an "apple break" for four times the antioxidants of tea.

it may surprise you to learn that apples have a much higher antioxidant content than traditional superfoods such as green tea. almost four times in fact.
these antioxidants help neutralise free-radicals, those highly reactive and unstable compounds produced by stress, pollution,and other scourges or our modern world. and while the human body has its own protection against free radicals, a vital second line of defence involves dietary antioxidants.

so next time someone decides to put the kettle on, suggest an apple break instead.


fight aging with a few crunches

we've all seen those late night infomercials promising youth and vitality through the use of an ab-curler or tummy trimmer, but the truth is, one of the simplest ways to fight aging is to stop punishing your obliques and start crunching on a red delicious.

all those oxidising factors we learned about on monday can have a devastating effect on the cells in our bodies and eventually, their handwork turns up looking back at us from the bathroom mirror. ouch!

this oxidative stress has also been linked to a variety of degenerative diseases including cancer heart disease and neurological degeneration such as alzheimers and parkinsons disease. but,with the combination of antioxidants, fibre, potassium and minerals, apples are an ideal choice to help the body feel younger inside and out.


an apple today just might help you breathe easier

in australia today, around 15% of children and 11% of adults have been diagnosed with asthma.

however a number of studies have consistently linked apples to asthma protection and improved lung function. and if you're mum to be,the news gets even better. new research also suggests that mothers who eat apples during pregnancy may protect their children from developing asthma later in their life.

so it seems apples can improve lung function and help reduce the risk of asthma before even take a breath.


eat an apple to help keep the cardiovascular surgeon away.

cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in australia. it kills an australian every ten minutes. so while we are only just beginning to discover the affect apples can have on cardiovascular health, adding an apple a day to your diet may just keep thing sticking along nicely.


eat a dozen potentially cancer cell inhibiting compounds.

more recent european research has indicated that eating an apple a day or more was linked to a reduced incidence for  different cancers including oral,  larynx, esophageal, breast, ovary, prostate and colorectal.

so while no one is calling apples a cure,it seems an ounce of prevention may just come in 1kilo bags.


lose weight by eating more. apples that is, not pies.

obesity and diabetes are rapidly becoming the most important health issues in the developed world.

and it appears apples may have a role to play in their reduction-and in ours.

when you consider they have more fiber than many leading breakfast cereals (without all the added sugar and salt), as well as being a good source of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin c, it might make more sense to stop counting calories and start counting galas.(gala is name for kind of apple like granny smith)


give in to original sin and have an apple

the humble apple may be a goody two shoes when it comes to health, but it also possesses rather seductive qualities. just ask eve.perhaps if the serpent had chosen a lesser fruit, we'd all still be naked in paradise.

but when you  consider the numerous  ways apples can be consumed; whole, juiced, grated, etc. you can see why she found the offer of an apple so hard to resist.

and given howconvenientthey are,withthatready  to  go  biodegradable packaging, sweet juicy flavor and colorful skin, you might feel a little tempted yourself.


i like to add that all raw fresh fruit is the best and only natural food for humans, and that all fruit is waiting for to be recognised, so we can all enjoy life free from all kinds of sickness. 

back to apples: me and mango are not big fans of them, we just agreed  not  to  buy  them,  as  they  mainly  end  up  in  compost.  the best fruit is the kind you love the best. choice is yours, as all fruit is packed with life giving and healing goodness.

me and mango

besides oranges we bought 5 boxes of green and  black grapes, we enjoyed 2 huge very tasty durians, some avos, green capsicum (only me), that was yesterday, today is mango fasting and i had 2 times 5dl of very sweet grape juice.

yes, still cloudy and rainy

yes, life is beautiful

cherryguava027.jpg picture by Fruitarian

cherry guava

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