Friday, June 20, 2008

end of mono raw fresh fruit juice feast and one year anniversary..

yes, another successful and unique fruitarian experience is in the past now, but also in presence and in the future, as all i gained from it is with me. it was also our one year happy anniversary of our monthly raw fresh fruit drinking feasts. 12 amazing fruitful journeys to remember and with many new ones to look forward to. l am so thankful for having fruit and it's wisdom in my life.  here is what me and mango drunk this time...and bit more about it all from

DSC03977.jpg DSC03977.JPG picture by Fruitarian

sweet mango, after one of our fruit juice feast

we are getting some sunshine but lot of clouds and some showers as well. and lots of


(only six) in last 3 days , today is durian free day as mango is fasting. durian is for as the most exciting fruit. it is always a celebration when we share one.  and  how  about 

DSC04798.jpg DSC04798.JPG picture by Fruitarian

happy and inspiring on grape juice feasting caterpillar in our!

life is sweet
love is sweet
fruit is sweet
sweet, sweet, sweet... :)
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Anonymous said...

Oh... Mango is so cute! He's just adorable. ... Kay