Wednesday, June 4, 2008

is ORGANIC FRUIT essential?

is ORGANIC FRUIT essential to live on raw fresh fruit alone?

i say no, it is not essential, i live on raw fresh fruit mainly from fruit shops or markets, that depend on my location, rarely at supermarkets, for many years now, and i am living satisfied fruitarian existence free from any medication or supplements.

surely i am aware that organic fruit is the BEST, but what kind of organic fruit? there are many organic ways to fertilize, producing top soil, and pesticide. i myself would not like eating fruit if i knew it was fertilize with blood and bone, or fish powder...etc. reality is i do not have control over how my fruit was fertilized etc. but i have and use


and this is how i pick my fruit:

i use common sense and i avoid expensive fruit, as it is out of season (so i am contributing $ for storage in toxic gas, waxing etc.) more money i pay more toxic the fruit is as toxins are not cheap.  so i always go for CHEAP FRUIT :)

i  look at  fruit  and  i  can  intuitively feel if that fruit is healthy, i see it's life radiance.

then i touch and smell the fruit and i feel again its freshness and its aroma is very pleasing.

if possible i taste the fruit, once i taste it i know for sure how


i am enjoying with joyful joy eating is. yes, i can recognize healthy fruit just like i can recognize healthy people: fruitarians. as only rawfreshfruitonly fruitarian can experience the best possible, as it is the only natural food for humans.

i also believe that raw fresh fruit is alive not dead and it have power to detox its body. fridge and freeze for example contribute the toxicity of fruit. i store and eat and drink my raw fresh fruit at room or outdoor temperature. i am dreaming and planing on moving in to tropics and grow the worlds


how am i going to do it? easy. with love and fruit, my friendly educators of common sense = wisdom. the best and healthiest fruit for me is the fruit i am going to grow for myself. and yes, time is near, only a bit and one year...

yes, i will write a book about it.

yes, it is still raining.

yes, me and mango are still fruitarians enjoying juices from green grapes or oranges, eating some avos tomatoes and very few mandarins.

i love fruity life, fruitful life is beautiful

DSC00327.jpg ja a ocean picture by Fruitarian
me and ocean :)
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Anonymous said...


I got so much to catch up on around here.

Hah, I gotta say though, from where I am, I hafta pull the same instinctive moves whenever it comes to being selective with fruits out there.

Heck, some fruits I encounter, are already "organic" without the blood and bone meal nor any of the nasty stuff. Just grown on trees, without the "certified organic" label. This basically includes exported fruits like mangos and stuff I recall. Kinda crummy that local fruits around here are either prone to pesticides, GMO, blood & bone meal...or perhaps none of it. It's so hard to choose wisely..hahah

Other then that, I guess that's it for now on my part.


Wo Dao

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that the most healthiest way to enjoy fruit is to grow it yourself. Just this past Sunday I went to a popular food market known for fresh organic whole foods. The mangoes I bought were "certified organic" but when I ate them tasted full of CHEMICALS!!! Hmmmm......seems "organic" is becoming a new marketing buzz word.

The only way I see one can be 100% sure what one is eating is to grow your own. Plus that way you know that it's also grown with love and care and not grown and thrown around half heartedly just to make a quick buck...feel me?

kveta said...

hey, wo dao,

yes, the best is to practice some instinctive moves, it is fun, it is like being the fruit detective, discovering what fruit is genuine and what fruit is fake. practice make perfect.

thankyou for posting, it is always good to read you.


kveta said...

thankyou for sharing, life samadhi avatari, i am glad you are fruit wise.

yes, i agree with you about the fruit markets, here in oz we use to have top fruit markets abundant with very cheap and highly delicious fruit. now it is "organic" very limited, expensive and not so yummy or inviting. so in my opinion only person disconnected from nature would go for it.

"organic" stuff is getting popular, it is mostly just silly game: money hungry people using brainwashed and gullible ones.

and yes, i am fully with you - growing fruit with love and care is the best way. love is the most essential ingredient.


Anonymous said...

Heya Life & Kveta!

Aye, wish I had space to grow fruit here. Kinda hard when one is in an apartment.

Mm, growing fruit plants with good intentions, aye, that's important too.

(Though for those who struggle to keep at such intentions, I'd say just "do yer best," no matter how lost you are)

Yeah, since I'm in the Pacific Northwest, in Canada, aye. Despite being like this, I suppose I do have the chance to research and check farmers practices. One of the big corporations who distributes apples in this province. I emailed them one time, hoping they label GMO and stuff. I never got a reply.

Though there are lots of local fruit farms and the like. I'm just hoping they do their best to endure the "demand" with their supply, also willing to actually share info on how they grow their fruits.

I'll admit, "organics" are really organic around here. Some imported elsewhere. Some local.

It's funny though, the ones that I sense with blood & bone meal (organic here? riiight..) in's as if it's been used up in some plants that bear the fruit. So it turns out I was safe.

But there was this one time. Mineolas from a certain company.

I was addicted. It shouldn't be this way. But why that was? I had to look into the website of the distributor. They sure promoted "biodynamics organic farming." Which totally made me freak out. They referenced a site that mentioned no uses of cow bladder composting and the like. Even though biodynamics DO refer to that.

And the mineolas? Despite how hooked I was (being picky and choosing favorites is not my thing, but when I do so, I end up invoking hierarchy and end up being unfair...which we all work on changing of course), I'm certain it was how it was grown and the ingredients I guess. May have been a huge concentration of cow bladder I guess.


To other anonymous guests reading this, dunt get me wrong. My intentions here is merely to "do yer best" if you wanted to truly go veganic (vegan-organic). And take your part in questioning and turning it into "sustainable demand." Since I wanna put my money into such practices anyways. (*ugh* the illusions of money...*arrg*)

Well, if anyone wants to promote the use of non-animal product may always start with food crops.

I read a newsletter some other day (from a non-profit here in my city called SPEC), I saw this picture of young lettuce being grown in potted containers. In their demonstration garden of course. There was manure VS alfalfa meal. The one growing on alfalfa meal? It faired well compared to the lettuce growing on manure.

Like I need any demos to figure THAT out. Instincts come in handy (even though it gets crummy when people want experts in the field or just want someone to "prove this and that," though I doubt the adults I run into are like that..hahah).

Woops, that was a long ramble. I just needed to wake myself up in the morning here by spitting it all out. Some may question "where's the proof" about certain things that you figure by instinct. Well, sometimes when it comes to critical times where your instincts are your only things to wield. Built in, wasting time on finding "proof" is a paranoia waste of time I guess. I only get paranoid if I'm stuck..hahah (That's where I question and ask about the use of things in production, etc.)

Anyways, as they say "do yer best, keep the double-edges to a minimal, and move on without guilt trips, while changing things, one step at a pace."

Wo Dao