Friday, June 13, 2008

mono raw fresh fruit juice feast

oh, yes, me and sweet mango we are feasting on raw fresh fruit juices and today is our fifth day. we do not follow any rules, we just follow our body intelligence, and mostly we agree what and when we want to drink/eat sweet sweet sweet fruit. very interesting. well, this time it is very


we made different choices:

mango is drinking raw fresh new season oranges,
i am drinking grapes.

we use to drink at same time and would have same amount of juice.
this time there are differences:
mango    kveta


4 (5dl)     4 (4dl)


4 (5dl)     2 (4dl)


2 (5dl)     2 (2dl)


4 (5dl)     4 (1dl, 1dl, 2dl, 2dl)


3 (5dl)     5 (1dl, 1dl, 1dl, 2dl, 3dl)

and from day one i am feeling as good as if i was


deeply blessed experiencing euphoric natural high. i never fasted on some time regime as it is popular by many. i fast only when i am not hungry. not because is monday, or fool moon, etc. i also do not have any time frames or limits i give my body total freedom and i follow it's intelligence; that is why i fast only when i am not hungry.  to  eat  or  not  to  eat just because someone else said so, is lucking self freedom and common sense. there is only one answer  to any question about how much, how often one should eat or fast: eat/drink fresh raw fruit when you are hungry and fast when you are not. those whom do not follow such easy simple rule of nature, are experiencing


so common in raw food and greens nuts etc. "fruitarian" and very small fruitarian world, where eating toxic and addictive cooked food at times is to believe to be ok. well, naturally, they get so sick from eating it, that some decide on some fasting regime by some "fasting guru" and they usually fail. so they feel bad and get on some toxic "food" binge and vicious circle is born. (this is just one picture of many).


and there is only one way to experience healthy thirst free life: join live and enjoy raw fresh fruit revolution. thirst is born from dehydration, dehydration is born from unnatural eating.  we all deserve


life is precious, i am giving to myself the best, i deserve it. and i love it. so simple, so powerful, so giving...beautiful and magic.

love is all

white  by kveta

life is      
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Anonymous said...

When you use the word "juices" - are you using a juicer or something else??

KT said...

Do you drink just the grape juice or do you add some water to it? What type of grapes, green or red or other type? I love this blog because I love eating fruit and I feel so much better when I do. Right now I'm drinking cold watermelon & mango juice, it's so delicious. Happy juice fasting to you and Mango. Kay

kveta said...

when i say juices, i can use juicer or blender it depend on kind of fruit . for example: grapes are blended and then poured trough sieve, oranges are squeezed by hand on simple plastic juicer and then poured trough sieve.. pineapples and apples are for electric juicer.

kveta said...

i do not use water for drinking at all, as i get all water from raw fresh fruit. i drink freshly made raw fresh fruit juices only. during my mono grape juice feast, i was drinking black grapes, for first few days and rest on the crimson grapes, now i am drinking red globe grapes. yum. yum. yum.

i am happy you also having awesome time with yummy and magic fruits. your love for fruit is special, cultivate it, it is very rewarding.

it is nice to know you love my blog, thank you kay :)

happy fruity days,
kveta and mango