Friday, April 11, 2008

drinking raw fresh fruit

yeah, me and mango, we are truly  enjoying raw fresh fruit drinks:

1 sultana grape juice
2 tomato cucumber avocado
3 pear grapefruit orange
4 pear orange banana pineapple avocado
5 sultana grape juice

1 sultana grape juice
2 pear orange banana avocado
3 cucumber avocado chili
4 orange mango banana

1 sultana grape juice
2 cucumber avocado chili
3 apple sultana grape
4 cucumber tomato avocado chili
5 rock melon

1 sultana grape pineapple
2 cucumber tomato avocado chili
3 rock melon
5 sultana grape apple

1 apple grapefruit
2 magic durian yes, yes, yes,
3 green grapes pears pineapple
4 cucumber tomato avocado chili
5 rock melon

11/4   today /soon yesterday etc...only me, mango is fasting
1 green grape
2 green grape pear
3 green grape black grape pear
4 cucumber tomato avocado chili

yum! to all

life is sweetest as sweet as can be

sweet apples by kveta


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta,

I am curious about the chili. The other day I bought one but I couldn't ate it. It was so hot!!! But I never tried juicing it with other fruits...does it gives a good taste to the juice?

Love and Light,


new blog. check it out!!!

kveta said...

hello filipe,

it is great to see you and your new blog.:)

chili alone is too hot to eat, and only small bit is needed. some are more mild some more hot, we use one small chili for 1litre of fruit drink .just experiment with it start with small bit as you can add more, but you cannot take it out. it can be juiced or blended along with fruit of your choice.

enjoy your orange days!!!i love them too...

love and light

kveta said...

does chili gives a good taste to the juice? me and mango said yes. try it and let us know what you think about it.

chill out!

Anonymous said...

: :) :) :) :)
thank you for sharing.
so nice to keep in contact with you.
When I do that experiment with the chili I will let you know!

Be blessed, always!


kveta said...

:)thankyou pilipe

for being you.

enjoy all you do.

fruit and light,