Monday, April 7, 2008

apple noodles and apple dumplings

well, i got a baby apple dumpling plant on friday, they were giving them away for free among other oz native edible berry plants, i got a lilly pilly and a flax lily as well.

yesterday our blender gave up on us and so we were off to our local sunday market to look for another working one. we could not get one, but we were promised that there will be one next sunday.... so as we wandered around the market stalls, we ran in to a guy selling stuff, and we got very cool slicer,  peeler and shredder in one, so easy to use so it is also great for people with weakness in their hands. this peeler also peels tomatoes. and we also got other slicer for making long noodles from apples, cucumbers i was very happy thinking wow now i can have apple noodles with apple dumplings, well, i have to wait a minute, as there are no berries on the apple dumpling plant yet.

mango is making raw fresh fruit and/or veg juices for our next door friendly, and not so well, neighbor. for free. she supply fruit and veg of her choice.

today is sunny and rainy day it is cooling down and i think beach season is over. it is time for walking...bit more

today me and mango were drinking 4 times raw fresh

1  sultana grape juice 5dl
2  pear orange banana avocado 5dl
3  cucumber avocado chili 4dl
4  orange mango banana 5dl

all very yummy and life giving raw fresh fruit drinks.  i love it!

this is mine first no mono fruit juice feast and i found it very cleansing; just before midday i had very toxic poo. same yesterday. i find it like eating and getting  benefits of fasting. i am amazed how much higher fruit get me if i only drink it.

today mango got some casual work and we also got 5kg of red delicious apples. on the way home from the job interview.

life is delicious

cute peaches by kveta

yeah, peach season is over, i am looking forward to next season...oh, sweet magic fruit, always exciting and satisfying. i love fruit beauty.

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Anonymous said...

I am fruitarian and I am happy :) thank you Kveta for inspiring me. What you are sharing is really inspiring. I am sure you are making lots of people wanting to become fruitarian :)

Be blessed,


kveta said...

yes, magic powers of fruit. i am pleased to hear you are happy fruitling and i that am inspiration to you. same here.

joy to you,