Saturday, April 19, 2008

raw fresh fruit drinking

i find raw fresh fruit drinks very very beneficial. i feel different and better when i drink most of my fruit. i can digest avocado so much better this way.

this morning i got in the singing mood and it was just endless singing energy i was singing my own stuff whatever just come out of me, yeah, because of raw fresh fruit in my bloodstream i get often different euphoric feelings.  oh, i love my fruitful existence with all yummy sweet and euphoric experiences.

winter is almost here and it is getting bit cold at times. i am looking forward to reading days in warm bed.

yesterday was friday mango was fasting and i enjoyed:

1:30pm  1avo sliced 3 tiny cucumbers sliced and pealed 2tiny  tomato  sliced  and  pealed 
5:00pm  3 small pears pealed as is
6:00pm  green red black grapes juice 5dl

i am feeling peaceful, content, highly relaxed, free of any fears or worries very far away from this world and it's materialism and confusion. surely i want to live for ever.

yesterday me and mango got some more fruit: apples, oranges, rock melons, avos, pears, durians, bananas, cucumbers, custard apples,  box of big red grapes box of black grapes, and today on his way from picking up some work mango got another box of grapes  this  time  green  ones.  so there are many very sweet grape juices ahead. yes, not only yummy and sweet but also very empowering euphoric and healing.

when i few years ago visited greek island santos satiros, i was adoring beautiful grape vines next to every house. unfortunately most of it was made in to alcohol.

i feel bit sorry for confused fruitarian guru ross horne; he was against fruit juices. he missed out a big time! yeah, brainwash can be dangerous. he was so close to true, but it was not good enough; he died due to prostate cancer. i truly enjoyed reading most of his "the fruit revolution" book last year.

mango is sweet, so is fruit, so is life..

lemon flower by kveta

lemon flowers in love... :)

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Anonymous said...

Wonder how a fruitarian as ross horne could ever end up with something like protrate cancer. What did he do to bring that on I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta,

Would you please erase all my comments (even this one after you reading it)? If you don't do that I don't mind. I understand that you might not want to do that.
But the fact is that I feel ashamed...

I truly hope that you are ok and that you have a nice life.

Have you haver read ?
Would you consider sharing that website in your blog so others could have more information? think about it!


Anonymous said...


I have read your website for some time now. I like it very much. I like you both Mango & yourself. I waas a vegetarian then switched to the fruitarian diet 8 months ago. I have lost a lot of pounds , 200 to 160 and I am 6.2. I would like to be your friend. I am half French half American , I was raise & born in France , I moved to the US 15 years ago. I will love to stay in contact with you. My name is Frederic. People call me Fred. My email is
Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Take care. Fred.

Jobove - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

kveta said...

yes, i wonder just like you. true is i do not agree with all he said. and i don't know enough about him to see more in to it.

peace to you.

kveta said...

hi filipe.

i wish you all best on your life journey.

i do not agree with beyondveg

i am here to testify about
my fruitful experiences.

i am ok and i am having nice life.and i am sure it wont be so sweet without raw fresh fruit.

peace to you

kveta said...

hello fred,

thankyou for sharing your fruitful success! i am happy the mighty fruit is working wonders for you.

i am happy to hear that you like read me and mango :)

thankyou for offering your friendship i will email you when i get to it.


kveta said...

hi maria

thankyou for let me know. i get lot of joy from it. smile.

peace kveta