Saturday, April 5, 2008

juicy news

yeah, today is first raw fresh juice day, and almost 100% mono, we so enjoyed 4 very sweet sultana grape juices and 1pineapple and 1banana juice, very yummy creamy and fluffy.  all juices 5dl as usual.

yesterday i had orange juice. avo tomato cucumber and bit of chili from our garden. 2big pears. 2bananas.  mango was fasting

yesterday i had nice day out, near by community center had some kind of community day for women. and yes, it was only women preset. i spend all day talking to people and i sold 2 copies  of  my  pictures  /not  many people were there to spend the money and there were mainly teenagers and elderly, sitting by stage with very entertaining program.  reconciliation, singing and dancing. there was very special and peaceful atmosphere. our art group had stall where few of us were selling some art. we were sitting on the grass chatting away. sun was shining. everyone was happy. i also run in to few women i know.

i was not eating all day i had my first meal at 3pm. i usually do not eat when i go out. if someone ask offer me food i say no thanks i am not hungry. well, i ate some sunshine and air ...

today nice sunny morning in the garden eating more of sun & air chatting with mango as he was planting some peas,  and then he joined me relaxing on the grass...chatting...

later on i went see a friend. we had good time as always.

with raw fresh fruit life is sweet with raw fresh fruit

pink life by kveta

pink life

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